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Campaign Spotlight: CoorDown’s Global Campaign for World Down Syndrome Day

CoorDown's Global Campaign for World Down Syndrome Day

In the lead-up to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, 2024, the Italian non-profit organization CoorDown launched a powerful global campaign. Inspired by a moving speech by Italian Down Syndrome advocate Marta Sodano at a United Nations conference, the campaign aims to shed light on the societal barriers faced by people with disabilities, particularly those with Down Syndrome. Through a captivating 90-second film starring Madison Tevlin, the campaign challenges preconceived notions and urges society to #AssumeThatICan.

Empowering Representation: Madison Tevlin Leads the Charge in CoorDown Campaign

The core message of CoorDown’s campaign asserts that society routinely shuts out people with disabilities from opportunities and advancements, assuming they are incapable. Drawing from Sodano’s speech, which highlighted how the lack of education for students with disabilities becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, the campaign seeks to break this cycle of low expectations.

The film, crafted by the New York-based agency Small, stars Madison Tevlin, a remarkable creator with Down Syndrome. Tevlin has over 300K followers on TikTok and is known for her 2022 CBC Gem talk show Who Do You Think I Am?, for which she received a Canadian Screen Award nomination. In the video, the audience is confronted with the harsh reality of exclusion faced by individuals with Down Syndrome. From mundane tasks like living independently to cultural pursuits like reading Shakespeare, the film illustrates how societal assumptions restrict the autonomy and potential of people with disabilities.

Notable Figures with Down Syndrome Elevate CoorDown’s Message

The broader campaign received additional momentum through the participation of notable figures with Down Syndrome such as Hunger Games actress Sofia Sanchez and Emmy-winner Connor Long. Their involvement not only added star power to the campaign but also brought authenticity and credibility to the cause. 

In her video, Sanchez fearlessly challenges societal stereotypes, showcasing her ability to command attention and inspire others with her words. Similarly, Emmy-winner Connor Long’s contribution provided a platform to highlight his achievements and talents, dispelling misconceptions about the capabilities of individuals with Down Syndrome. Together, these notable figures exemplify the resilience, determination, and boundless potential within the Down Syndrome community, further reinforcing the campaign’s message of empowerment and inclusion.

Viral Impact: CoorDown Campaign Witnesses Engagement Rates Over 200%

CoorDown’s campaign took full advantage of social media platforms to amplify its message and spark meaningful conversations. Across various platforms, the campaign witnessed remarkable engagement rates, surpassing expectations and resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. According data from Digimind, the hashtag #AssumeThatICan, which served as the hashtag for the campaign, has garnered over 1,000 mentions with an estimated reach of 851,000 over the last 7 days.

On Instagram and TikTok, the campaign achieved staggering engagement rates of over 100%, with Instagram leading at 352% and TikTok closely following at 267%. These metrics speak volumes about the campaign’s ability to capture attention and evoke emotions effectively. Across 16 posts, the campaign garnered a total of 1.57 million likes, over 10 million views, and more than 17,000 shares in just one week. Furthermore, the accompanying video content amassed over 10 million views, showcasing the widespread reach and impact of CoorDown’s message.

The campaign was well received, with a high positive sentiment and many powerful comments reflecting the impact of CoorDown’s message on audiences worldwide. To further understand the reception and engagement, we conducted an analysis of the comments across 16 posts of the campaign. The word cloud below illustrates the most popular words mentioned, providing insight into the key themes and sentiments expressed by viewers.

How Creators Are Leading the Charge for Inclusive Messaging

CoorDown’s campaign serves as a reminder of the importance of challenging assumptions and advocating for inclusivity. Through strategic partnerships with creators and leveraging platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the campaign has successfully amplified the voices and experiences of individuals with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. By fostering meaningful conversations about equity, representation, and societal attitudes towards disability, CoorDown has ignited a digital revolution, prompting audiences worldwide to rethink their perspectives and embrace diversity. If you’re looking to discover or activate creators to further amplify your brand’s message, reach out to us today!

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