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Leading the Charge: 10 Female Creators to Follow During Women’s History Month

Female Creators to Follow During Women's History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, it is essential to shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of female creators across various fields. A resolution passed in 1987 by Congress serves as a reminder of the invaluable role women have played in shaping our world. March was chosen as the official month to coincide with the anniversaries of significant events in women’s history and the suffrage movement.

These female creators are not only breaking barriers but are actively reshaping narratives, inspiring change, and leaving an indelible mark on the world. Today, 4 in 10 US businesses are women-owned, accounting for over 14 million businesses but it does not stop there. From entrepreneurs to activists, artists to doctors, each of these remarkable individuals are using their platform to empower other women, spread awareness, and actively make history. Join us as we celebrate these 10 trailblazers and their invaluable contributions to the ongoing narrative of women’s empowerment and progress.

Women’s History Month On Social Media:

During Women’s History Month, social media platforms become hubs of celebration and activism, as brands launch campaigns to honor women’s contributions and highlight their achievements. From major corporations to small businesses, brands leverage this month to showcase their support for gender equality and women’s empowerment, often promoting products and initiatives aligned with these values. 

Moreover, creators seize the opportunity to amplify ongoing gender issues, using their platforms to spark discussions, raise awareness, and advocate for change. Through powerful storytelling, impactful visuals, and engaging campaigns, social media becomes a catalyst for driving conversations around gender equity, inclusivity, and the continued fight for women’s rights. As hashtags trend, stories are shared, and voices are amplified, Women’s History Month on social media serves as a digital stage for commemorating past triumphs, addressing present challenges, and envisioning a more equitable future for all.

Gain Inspiration From 10 of These Female Creators

1. Honey Good

Instagram: 39.8K Followers

As a woman over 50, Honey Good has made it her mission to maintain a fruitful life and uses her platform to encourage other women over 50 to do so as well. Additionally, from style and wellness to giving advice on topics such as relationships for women 50+ the “Modern Matriach” has it all covered.

2. Haley Weaver

Instagram: 253K Followers

Haley Weaver has used her platform to showcase her illustrations that demonstrate several topics such as female reproductive rights issues and ways women can exercise self-care. Her aim is to empower women by making them feel heard through her art.

3. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Instagram: 1.1M Followers
TikTok: 35.6K Followers

Best-selling author Megan Jayne Crabbe has tried to bring awareness to eating disorders and body positivity through her platforms. She connects with her audience through sharing her own experiences battling diet culture, and spreading the meaning of true beauty.

4. Claire

Instagram: 323K Followers
TikTok: 876.3K Followers

Claire, is a mom and personal trainer in the United Kingdom. She has attempted to use her platform tackle the ongoing issues of gender inequality through blunt short-form skits. She has captivated her audience by sharing her personal experiences of being a mom within the LGBTQ+ community.

5. Dr. Amira Ogunleye

Instagram: 422K Followers
TikTok: 4740 Followers

From being a cosmetic dentist and mom to being a women empowerment advocate, Dr. Amira Ogunleye covers it all. Through her platform, she encourages women to follow their dreams, exude confidence, and lead empires. She highlights and sheds light on other powerful women that battling the persistent issue of gender inequality.

6. Candace Reels

Instagram: 64.7K Followers
TikTok: 26.9 K Followers

Vivian Tu, has used her Wall Street experience to build her platform. Her aim is to help people navigate everyday financial struggles and spread financial literacy. While her main focus is financial literacy, she also sheds light on the intersectionality of mental health and wealth. Furthermore, her goal is to encourage her audience to stop considering these topics taboo and instead aim to blend the two.

8. Dreux Monique

Instagram: 4283 Followers

Dreux Monique wishes to inspire, challenge, and motivate women through her blog Steadily Blooming. Her motto of “Strong Mind Strong Body” has always driven her to be the best version of herself and she aims to provide her audience with the advice needed to accomplish the same. As a lifestyle blogger, she has it all covered from traveling tips, healthy recipes, and mental health advice.

9. Emily Durham

Instagram: 438K Followers
TikTok: 593K Followers

As a tech recruiter Emily Durham’s goal is to fill the gap she notices most often at her job. She recognizes a lack of knowledge in relation to foundational interviews, resumes, and career skills. Through her podcast The Straight Shooter Recruiter, she provides her audience with the confidence they require to build their careers.

10. Charli D’amelio

Instagram: 44.7M Followers
TikTok: 152M Followers

Charli found success within the world of social media at a very young age. As a result, she has created a brand from the success she initially gained with lip-syncing and dance videos. From being a brand ambassador for companies such as Prada to co-creating her own footwear brand with her family, Charli serves as an inspiration to all young females on how to make the best of an opportunity. She is now the highest-earning influencer with an estimated earning of $17.5 M.

Empower Women Who Are Creating History:

In conclusion, the 10 female creators provided here serve as your advocates in challenging harmful stereotypes and societal norms that contribute to gender inequality. By promoting empowerment and solidarity they are inspiring social change. Brands can use this opportunity to create potential partnership opportunities to support creators in their journey toward spreading awareness about ongoing gender issues. Are you a brand interested in identifying more creators to partner with for a potential campaign? Take a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features to find out more today!

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