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DripDrop’s Influencer Marketing Success: A 39% Surge in Brand Awareness Unveiled Through Captiv8 Case Study

A 39% Surge in Brand Awareness Unveiled Through Captiv8 Case Study

DripDrop’s Challenge: Establishing Dominance in a Competitive Market

DripDrop, a brand specializing in electrolyte powders for fast hydration that enhances mental and physical performance, faced the challenge of establishing meaningful brand awareness in a competitive market. With a limited marketing budget, DripDrop sought innovative solutions to maximize its reach and engage its target audience effectively. 

A pivotal goal for DripDrop was to actively contribute to and enhance aided brand awareness. In the dynamic and competitive electrolyte market, DripDrop recognized the significance of establishing a strong and recognizable presence. Increasing brand awareness meant not only making the target audience aware of DripDrop’s existence but also ensuring that the brand stood out prominently amid the competition. With this objective in mind, DripDrop sought innovative approaches to elevate its visibility and build a lasting impression in the minds of consumers.

In pursuit of this objective, DripDrop turned to Captiv8 as a valuable partner. The tools and resources offered by Captiv8 became instrumental in helping DripDrop overcome marketing constraints and implement effective strategies to maximize reach and engagement.

Captiv8 Empowers DripDrop in Efficient Creator Identification

Before Captiv8, DripDrop’s greatest challenge was identifying creators, spending hundreds of hours as a team, manually finding creators. By leveraging Captiv8’s robust platform solutions, DripDrop delved deep into the creator discovery process. Honing in on creator lookalikes with shared interests, content themes, and metrics akin to those they’ve successfully collaborated with in the past, DripDrop was able to quickly source and predict strong authentic creator partnerships. Additionally, they identified creators previously partnered with similar brands, especially those DripDrop admires, to become a seamless part of the discovery approach.

DripDrop turned to Captiv8 to streamline its influencer identification and management process. Captiv8’s platform offered a comprehensive suite of tools, allowing DripDrop to create highly specific queries based on location, age, interests, and platform preferences. This level of detail was crucial in honing down the search for creators who could authentically represent the brand.

DripDrop’s Summer Campaign Amplified by Over 50 Creators

DripDrop’s approach was to partner with authentic, fearless, and unfiltered creators who shared the same ambition as their followers. The summer campaign tackled the issue of dehydration, affecting 75% of people and often going unnoticed. Creators shared authentic experiences of dehydration during summer, emphasizing common scenarios such as heat, exercise, travel, busy routines, and alcohol consumption. Whether climbing, hiking, practicing morning yoga, or tackling their day jobs, influencers creatively demonstrated how DripDrop became an essential part of their daily lives.

Over 50 creators were activated during this four-month campaign, pushing a total of 132 posts across Instagram and TikTok. The content mix on Instagram featured a well-balanced blend of IG Reels, IG In-Feed Videos, and IG Carousels, allowing for diverse and captivating storytelling. The campaign featured a strategic rollout of talent activations on a rolling basis. Each month, starting from June to September, witnessed the launch of new influencers, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence throughout the summer. 

Emphasizing authenticity, the messaging focused on discussing dehydration experiences. The creators took on the role of educators, articulating what it feels like to be dehydrated, particularly in the scorching summer heat. 

A common challenge marketers face is proving the value upper funnel metrics such as awareness and media value provide. By leveraging their partnership with Captiv8, DripDrop is able to receive comprehensive reporting and analytics. This detailed level of insight measured through social API data, custom links, and advanced partner integrations has allowed DripDrop to understand the true value of impact – from initial awareness to final conversions.

Additionally, having a partner like Captiv8 who understands creator management, contracting, and rights has proven incredibly valuable to the DripDrop influencer marketing process.

@lindzoutside #ad Getting back in the water this summer with @DripDrop ♬ original sound – Lindsay

DripDrop Campaign Exceeds Benchmarks Resulting in 39% Lift in Brand Awareness

The campaign delivered over 80 million impressions and resulted in a 39% rise in brand awareness among those exposed to the content. The campaign received nearly 500K likes across all platforms and was well-received by fans of activated influencers. This drove a positive sentiment of 85%, surpassing the benchmark by 2.3x.

TikTok played a pivotal role, resonating strongly across age groups. This was seen particularly among individuals aged 25-54, with view rates consistently ranging from 94% to 96%. This not only demonstrated the broad appeal of DripDrop’s content but also highlighted its ability to captivate audiences across demographics. Impressively, all age segments exceeded the established benchmark of 88%, indicating the campaign’s exceptional performance.

The campaign outperformed industry benchmarks with a 7.34% increase in view rate over the benchmark. DripDrop’s remarkable metrics highlight the impactful influencer collaboration, reinforcing its strategic approach. This case study is a powerful testament to influencer marketing’s potential when executed with precision.

Influencer Marketing as a Key Strategy: DripDrop’s Continued Success

DripDrop has continued to incorporate influencers into their marketing strategy. Over the course of two years, DripDrop has fine-tuned their approach. The organization has continued to work with creators of varying audience sizes and testing different campaign objectives. This “always-on” influencer program became an integral part of DripDrop’s influencer marketing success. DripDrop’s journey in influencer marketing has uncovered key strategies for other brands looking to harness the power of influencers.

  • Continuous Refinement of Approach: DripDrop’s success is attributed to its commitment to refining the influencer marketing approach over two years. Continuously analyze and adjust influencer strategies based on performance metrics, audience feedback, and industry trends.
  • Diverse Collaboration with Creators: Working with creators of varying audience sizes allowed DripDrop to understand the impact of influencers across different segments. Explore collaborations with influencers of diverse follower counts to reach a wider audience spectrum.
  • Integration of an “Always-On” Influencer Program: Making influencer marketing an ongoing and integral part of their strategy showcases the significance of a consistent approach. Establish and maintain a continuous influencer program for sustained brand visibility and engagement.
  • Applicability to Smaller Brands with Limited Resources: DripDrop’s success serves as a testament that strategic influencer marketing can benefit even smaller brands with resource constraints. Recognize the potential of influencer marketing for smaller brands and tailor strategies to maximize impact within budget limitations.

DripDrop’s partnership with Captiv8 revolutionized their influencer marketing approach. By leveraging Captiv8’s platform, DripDrop was able to efficiently identify and collaborate with creators. Thus, leading to a significant increase in brand awareness. This case study stands as a testament to the power of strategic influencer marketing in driving brand growth and engagement. It proves effective even for smaller brands with limited resources.

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