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The Kelce Family: Crafting an Influencer Marketing Legacy Across Sports and Pop Culture

The Kelce Family: Crafting an Influencer Marketing Legacy Across Sports and Pop Culture

In the realm of influencer marketing, few families have managed to carve a niche as successfully as the Kelces. Led by the charismatic Travis Kelce, a star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, this family has seamlessly blended sports, lifestyle, and pop culture to create a captivating online presence. Taylor Swift made headlines by attending the Kansas City Chiefs’ week 3 game in Travis Kelce’s suite and has since been a prominent figure in the Kelce’s family life. This unexpected appearance sparked a frenzy on social media, with Swifties and sports enthusiasts alike speculating about the nature of their relationship. This phenomenon, known widely as the “Taylor Swift Effect,” has had a profound impact on not only Travis Kelce but the entire Kelce family’s social media engagement.

From Touchdowns to TikToks: Travis Kelce Scores Big with Varied Brand Deals

Travis Kelce’s recent brand deals underscore his diverse appeal and strategic approach to influencer marketing. Partnering with brands such as Accelerator, Subway (alongside fellow Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes), Experian, Campbell’s (in collaboration with Jason Kelce), and State Farm (again alongside Patrick Mahomes), Kelce has curated a portfolio that seamlessly integrates his athletic ability with lifestyle and family dynamics. This strategic alignment not only broadens his market reach but also enhances the authenticity of his endorsements. Looking at his last 10 sponsored posts across Instagram and TikTok, Travis has an engagement rate of 6.53% and 4.95%, respectively. This demonstrates the effectiveness of his content in connecting with audiences across different platforms.

Jason Kelce’s Influence Peaks in Reese’s Super Bowl Campaign

Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles and brother to Jason has seen similar success. With an Instagram engagement rate of 3.7% across his last ten sponsored posts, Jason Kelce’s influence extends beyond the football field, tapping into cooking and entertainment. From spicing things up with Franks Red Hot to most recently indulging in Reese’s new Caramel Big Cup, Jason partnered with a variety of brands.

In Super Bowl LVIII, Reese’s showcased a departure from conventional celebrity endorsements in their TV ad and instead strategically leveraged sports stars on social media. Jason Kelce was joined by Shaquille O’Neal, AJ Dillon, Isaac Rochell, and Damar Hamlin in a series of videos on TikTok and Instagram. This innovative approach garnered over 115 million views across both platforms. Through TikTok and Instagram, the campaign was shared over 11,000 times, illustrating the dynamic impact of sports star activations. 


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Sweet Success: Kylie Kelce Shines in Lindt’s Super Bowl Debut

Kylie Kelce, wife of Jason Kelce, has solidified her status as a prominent influencer through collaborations with an array of brands. From Papa John’s to Dove, Kylie’s partnerships reflect her ability to partner with brands that resonate with her audience. Boasting an impressive Instagram engagement rate of 12.04% over her last six sponsored posts, Kylie has effortlessly connected with her followers. Venturing into TikTok, Kylie has seamlessly translated her engaging presence into short-form video, achieving an outstanding 21.91% engagement rate across her four sponsored posts. 
Notably, during Super Bowl LVIII, Lindt, renowned for its premium chocolates, made its Super Bowl commercial debut. Kylie Kelce played a pivotal role in Lindt’s Super Bowl campaign which was activated on both Instagram and TikTok. The combined platforms generated over 30 million views, almost a quarter of the viewership of Super Bowl LVIII.  With an 81% positive sentiment and an estimated EMV exceeding $23 million, the Lindt campaign has emerged as an effective example of influencer marketing.

Donna Kelce’s Everyday Moments Steal the Spotlight

Donna Kelce, mother to Jason and Travis, has also been brought into the limelight. Becoming a sought-after influencer for brands targeting a family-oriented audience, Donna has established herself as a prominent figure in the social media landscape. Her recent collaborations with brands such as Heluva Good Dips, Ziploc, Ibotta, and Celebrity Cruises showcase a deliberate alignment with products and experiences that resonate with everyday life and aspirational family moments. Donna’s last five sponsored Instagram posts have generated an impressive 79% positive sentiment with an engagement rate of 3.93%. Brands are drawn to her authenticity and relatability, as Donna effortlessly weaves their offerings into the fabric of her daily life. This deliberate alignment with brands that echo her values and the positive sentiment she cultivates among her followers highlights the compelling reasons behind brands tapping into Donna Kelce as an influencer.

The Kelce Family’s Power of Collective Influence: A Winning Formula

The Kelce family has discovered a winning formula in the realm of influencer marketing by harnessing the power of collective influence. Sponsored posts featuring more than one Kelce, such as the collaborations on Minted, Papa John’s, and Pottery Barn Kids involving both Kylie and Jason, have proven to be exceptionally successful. The Instagram engagement rate skyrockets to an impressive 18.73%, a substantial increase when compared to their individual rates of 3.7% and 12.04%, respectively.

Combining the collective charm and authenticity of the Kelce family creates a unique appeal and heightened engagement, as underscored by this data. Notably, the average sentiment in these joint ventures is consistently higher, suggesting that the harmonious collaboration between family members not only amplifies the reach but also enhances the positive sentiment associated with the brand. The Kelces have inadvertently created a synergistic influencer strategy, demonstrating that the family unit can significantly elevate the success of sponsored content in the dynamic world of social media.

Catering To Audiences Across Gender and Generations

The Kelce family’s collaborative approach to influencer marketing has proven to be remarkably impactful, particularly as each member caters to different target audiences. Travis Kelce, thanks to a growth of 300,000 followers in the 24 hours following his connection with Taylor Swift, commands a predominantly female audience, at 58%. This audience composition underscores the influence of celebrity connections in shaping online demographics.

Jason Kelce, in contrast, resonates predominantly with a male audience, capturing the attention of 73% of his followers. What makes the Kelce family’s collaborations particularly noteworthy is their ability to span across various age groups. While all four Kelces predominantly appeal to the 25-35 age bracket, Travis has the largest percentage of followers in both the under 21 category (13.81%) and over 55 (4.15%) age category. This diversified and nuanced approach to audience engagement showcases the Kelce family’s versatility in tapping into distinct demographics, making their collective impact in the influencer space both broad-reaching and finely targeted.

Elevate Your Brand’s Influence

The Kelce family has made a significant mark in influencer marketing, combining authenticity, strategic partnerships, and genuine connections. Through Captiv8’s platform, brands can seamlessly identify and collaborate with influencers whose reach aligns precisely with their desired audience. Whether leveraging the influence of a single personality or orchestrating impactful collaborations among multiple influencers, Captiv8 provides a streamlined process for fostering connections that resonate with specific demographics. Interested in learning more? Take a platform tour today!

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