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Leveraging Influencer Marketing Data for Smarter Valentine’s Day Marketing

Leveraging Influencer Marketing Data for Smarter Valentine's Day Marketing

As we approach Valentine’s Day, understanding and leveraging influencer marketing data can be a game-changer for brands seeking to make an impact. In this blog post, we dive into the art of “smarter marketing” by examining key data trends around Valentine’s Day. From the early onset of conversations to the preferences of engaged followers, we explore how businesses can curate campaigns that not only capture attention but also forge meaningful connections with their audience. Join us as we unravel the potential of influencer marketing in shaping impactful Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns for brands and consumers alike.

The Valentine’s Day Conversation Starts Before Valentine’s Day

A compelling trend emerges when examining Valentine’s Day mentions from 2022-2023. The Valentine’s Day conversation kicks off well before the actual day arrives. In December 2022, an impressive 40,000 individuals engaged in discussions about Valentine’s Day on social media platforms. This momentum gained significant traction in January 2023, with the conversation surging to 282,000 mentions. With no surprise, the conversation peaked in February, where a staggering 2 million mentions were recorded. The early onset of the Valentine’s Day discourse is presenting influencers and marketers with a distinctive opportunity. They can strategically plan and execute campaigns, leveraging the evolving conversation dynamics to maximize engagement. Brands, by recognizing and adapting to this extended timeline, can position themselves effectively within the evolving narrative. This ensures heightened visibility and resonance as anticipation builds leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Gifts and Gift Ideas are Top of Mind for Valentine’s Day

In analyzing hashtags that occur in tandem with #ValentinesDay, Captiv8 findings underscore a consistent focus on gifts and love-related themes. A prevalence of hashtags like #valentinesdaygift, #giftideas, and #handmade suggests an interest in thoughtful and personalized presents. Additionally, hashtags such as #heart, #flowers, and #love emphasize the emotional and romantic aspects associated with this celebration. Businesses can capitalize on social insights from the Captiv8 platform to engage their audience and tailor their content to meet demands.

Word cloud showcasing the top hashtags that occur in tandem with #ValentinesDay

The #ValentinesDay Conversation is Dominated by Females

A detailed examination of contributors using #ValentinesDay reveals insights for effective influencer marketing. The majority, 38.15%, are aged 25-34, followed closely by 35-44 years at 36.61%. This data signals robust engagement from individuals in prime earning and spending years, a key demographic for brands targeting consumers with purchasing power. Moreover, females dominate the conversation at 74.85%. Recognizing and aligning with these trends allows influencers and marketers to create targeted campaigns. These campaigns can better connect with the core audience, fostering higher engagement and brand loyalty.

Graph showcasing the breakdown of #ValentinesDay hashtag contributors. 74.85% are female.

#ValentinesDay Contributors Show a + 15.34% Higher Interest in Food & Drink

In analyzing the engaged followers of contributors using #ValentinesDay, a compelling narrative emerges regarding their interests. Notably, there is a considerable +15.46% higher interest in Hobbies & Interests and a +15.34% surge in engagement with Food & Drink compared to the average user. Content creators and marketers can strategically leverage these findings by curating and promoting content that aligns with these heightened interests. For instance, influencers may incorporate engaging posts centered around hobbies, encouraging community participation and interaction. Additionally, capitalizing on the elevated interest in Food & Drink, brands can collaborate with influencers to feature culinary experiences and Valentine’s Day-themed recipes. Understanding and catering to these specific preferences of the #ValentinesDay audience can enhance the resonance of influencer campaigns, fostering deeper connections and driving more meaningful engagement within this community.

#ValentinesDay contributors broken down by interest.

3 Brands Leveraging Valentine’s Day Interest in Their Influencer Marketing Campaigns

1. KitchenAid’s Valentine’s Day Campaign Inspires Sweet Moments and Delicious Creations

KitchenAid’s Valentine’s Day campaign, highlighted by UK-based baker @the_idle_hands, brilliantly combines hobbies and food. Focused on creating easy, delicious cookies, the campaign seamlessly merges baking joy with the love for treats. The post demonstrates making buttery, lemony cookies using the new KitchenAid stand mixer, emphasizing ease and enjoyment for baking enthusiasts. A subtle mention of a “happy first outing” for the mixer adds a personal touch, emphasizing experiential joy with KitchenAid appliances. With over 22K views in 5 days, the campaign resonates, offering a delectable narrative combining baking joy with the love for treats, perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

2. Leveret’s Campaign Emphasizes Valentine’s Day for Families

In a heartwarming collaboration, @princess.eva_ and Leveret, a family-owned sleepwear company, bring forth a delightful Valentine’s Day campaign with a focus on family. The Instagram post captures love and celebration as @princess.eva_ shares a tender moment with her little Valentine in the Matching Hearts Pajamas. The campaign highlights the joy and warmth of family bonds, promoting Leveret’s specially designed sleepwear sets. As families prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, these matching pajama sets not only bring a sense of togetherness but also serve as the perfect attire for creating cherished memories in festive photoshoots. 

3. SKIMS Promote Valentine’s Day Collection for Both You and Your Dog

SKIMS, Kim Kardashian’s renowned brand, partners with creator Beca (@becamichie) for their Valentine’s Day collection. This collaboration includes chic outfits for both fashion enthusiasts and their furry companions. Beca, with her Valentine dog Pork Chop, shine in a TikTok video, garnering 422K views. The campaign blends SKIMS’ sophistication with Beca’s aesthetic, introducing a fresh, inclusive Valentine’s Day narrative. This collaboration boldly states that fashion transcends boundaries in celebrating love.

@becamichie Porkchop is my valentine that will never leave me😭😭😭🎀💗@SKIMS Valentine's Shop opens 1/23 at 9 AM PT! #ad #vdayoutfit #valentinesday #dogsoftiktok #dogootd ♬ original sound – Beca

Leveraging Captiv8’s Insights for Influencer Marketing Success

For brands gearing up for Valentine’s Day, incorporating influencer marketing is crucial for creating experiences that engage and resonate with their audience. Captiv8 insights empower brands to navigate the influencer marketing landscape effectively. These insights can help provide a roadmap to optimize content strategy, timing, and engagement tactics. Ready to prepare your next campaign? Reach out to us today!

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