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10 Fitness Influencers to Follow During Heart Health Month

10 Fitness Influencers to Follow During Heart Health Month

As February unfolds, it’s that pivotal time when the enthusiasm for New Year’s resolutions might be facing its first real test. If adopting a healthier lifestyle and incorporating fitness into your routine were among your New Year’s aspirations, then February is the month for you. February is not just any month; it’s American Heart Health Month. During this month, people are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health. And one of the main ways to do this is through exercise. So, rather than letting those well-intentioned resolutions fade away, let’s reinvigorate your commitment to wellness and turn toward fitness influencers for inspiration. 

We want to shine the spotlight on ten fitness influencers, each armed with health tips, invigorating workout routines, and expert-backed dietary insights. Fitness influencers have created their own space within the social media realm and often use live streaming to reach their audience. With the growth of this niche, live-streaming fitness video usage grew by 971% from 2020 to 2022. Join us as we harness the collective motivation of February to push our fitness goals to new heights, guided by the wisdom of these fitness influencers. These influencers are here to inspire and support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

The Phenomenon that is #GymTok:

#GymTok has emerged as a dynamic community within the realm of social media, dedicated to fitness enthusiasts and those pursuing healthier lifestyles. By searching TikTok for  #GymTok you will find a vast array of content, ranging from workout routines and fitness tips to motivational snippets and nutrition guidance. The rapid growth of this hashtag is certainly eye-catching. As of January 2024, #GymTok has 18.1M posts under it on TikTok accompanied with 295.1B views. #GymTok plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and shared motivation, contributing significantly to people’s overall fitness goals. Over time, #GymTok has witnessed exponential growth, with an ever-expanding audience eager to partake in the latest fitness trends and challenges. This surge in popularity has not only cultivated a more health-conscious digital landscape but has also enhanced the creativity and quality of content produced by fitness influencers.

The Expansion of the “Fitness” Niche on Social Media:

The evolution of the fitness niche on social media has been transformative, ushering in an era where creators serve as invaluable resources for individuals seeking to enhance their well-being. Social media platforms have allowed fitness influencers to play the role of virtual personal trainers, sharing workout routines, nutrition tips, and wellness advice with a global audience. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role in bringing the fitness niche into the spotlight, as lockdowns prompted a surge in home-based workouts. In fact, people spent 1,300% more minutes doing workouts online from March to August 2020. Influencers like Chloe Ting rose to prominence during this time, offering engaging and accessible workout challenges that captivated audiences worldwide. 

By cultivating a community of like-minded individuals, the fitness niche on social media has become a source of encouragement, fostering a collective commitment to healthier lifestyles and showcasing the power of virtual support in the pursuit of personal wellness goals.

Start Your Journey with Inspiration from These 10 Fitness Influencers:

1. Rachel John

TikTok: 686.5K Followers
Instagram: 233K Followers

From training videos, to everyday relatable content Rachel John shares her journey through life with her audience. As she trains to be an MMA fighter, fitness is a huge component of her life. Women’s Health Magazine has previously featured her on the cover for their Netherlend’s issue.


My Strength Training as a fighter 🤍 #gymtok #fighter #gyminspo

♬ Drift – Teejay

2. Nona Bayat

TikTok: 3.7M Followers
Instagram: 1.4M Followers

Nona Bayat is your one-stop shop if you’re looking for nutritious meal recipes, workout outfit inspirations, and an array of workout routines. She caters to audiences that are looking for workouts that are both home and gym-friendly. 

3. Nick Falke

TikTok: 230.9K Followers
Instagram: 192K Followers

FalkeFit better known as Nick Falke has used his platform to inspire others to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. He is determined to help others reach their personal fitness goals which is why he also offers personal training alongside the workouts and tips he already posts online.


Stop waiting for the new year, do these today! And for more help check our my personal coaching – limited january spots!

♬ Coast – Hotel Pools

4. Sam Gach

TikTok: 401.8K Followers
Instagram: 393K Followers

Sam Gach emphasizes the importance of Stretching and gaining Mobility as one ages. His content is backed by his background in Yoga. While Yoga can be intimidating, Sam aims for his audience to find ways to indulge using his tips. He also released a free stretching challenge for 2024 which can be achieved from the comfort of people’s homes.

5. Vicky Justiz

TikTok: 119K Followers
Instagram: 179K Followers

From workouts to healthy recipes Vicky Justiz has you covered. Through challenges and hacks Vicky aims to make her audience love the workouts they were once terrified of or simply did not want to indulge in. 

6. Caleb Marshall

TikTok: 3.3M Followers
Instagram: 644K Followers

If you are a dancer at heart, spice up your cardio routine with Caleb Marshall’s dance workouts. His livestreams feature his partners Allison and Haley who showcase different levels of dance fitness. He is motivational and extremely energetic and will definitely bring a smile to your face while you dance away.


If you’re looking for a fun way to move your body, come dance with us! 🥳

♬ original sound – The Fitness Marshall

7. Pernilla

TikTok: 407.2K Followers
Instagram: 197K Followers

Pernilla caters to all your fitness needs. Whether you need help finding a suitable diet, workout routine, or even advice on general self development she is there with you through the process. Her videos are highly motivational and give you a glimpse into her own journey with fitness.


It works like magic ✨ try my workout program and nutritional guide link in my bio #accountabilitypartner #gymbuddy #gympartner

♬ Surround Sound – JID

8. Kevin Weatherspoon Jr.

TikTok: 132.1K Followers
Instagram: 7.6K Followers

Kevin Weatherspoon holds the guide to all your muscle-building needs. With his dedication to achieving a lean figure, he posts exercise videos for men and women to follow in order for them to achieve the same. 

9. Pamela Reif

TikTok: 911.8K Followers
Instagram: 9.2M Followers

From daily mental tips and exercise videos to fun organic snacks, Pamela Reif covers everything you need to start your fitness journey. Her workouts cater to all levels of fitness and she always incorporates some fun elements into it, so if you’re looking for more out-of-the-box workouts she is your new fitness guru.

10. Antoinie Lokhorst

TikTok: 4.1M Followers
Instagram: 128K Followers

Besides giving you the hilarious behind-the-scenes of being a fitness influencer Antoine Lokhorst is known to debunk “trendy” workouts that in fact do nothing for you. His gym tips and tricks will keep you encapsulated and intrigued.

Are You Inspired Yet?

In conclusion, the 10 fitness influencers provided here serve as a diverse resource, each contributing a unique perspective on wellness. Whether you’re seeking custom workouts, healthy organic recipes, or general health tips, these influencers stand ready to motivate and guide you. Brands can use this as an opportunity to create potential partnership opportunities to further advocate for fitness. Are you a lifestyle brand interested in identifying more creators to partner with for a potential campaign? Take a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features to find out more today!

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