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Orlando Magic Captivates Fans Through Audio Branding

Orlando Magic Captivates Fans Through Audio Branding

In today’s social media landscape, the combination of audio and visual elements has become a powerful force. In fact, 88% of TikTok users consider sound crucial to their experience. A clear illustration of this dynamic is the recent viral success of the updated Orlando Magic song, first introduced in 1989 by Glen Gettings. Ayo the Producer’s contemporary take, released for the team’s 35th-anniversary season, not only revitalized a classic anthem but also strongly resonated with Gen Z on TikTok, showcasing the growing influence of audio branding as an emerging trend in 2024.

Ayo the Producer’s Custom Beat Resonates Beyond the Arena

Orlando native, Ayo the Producer worked with the Orlando Magic to create an updated version of the Orlando Magic song to be featured throughout the gameday experience, both in-arena and on the Magic’s social channels. After each home court win, Magic pumps the song throughout Amway Center.

@orlandomagic ANOTHER DUBBB! WE DON’T LOSE AT THE CRIB 💯😤 #NBA #OrlandoMagic ♬ original sound – Orlando Magic

The official Orlando Magic account has found a winning formula for engaging fans and attracting attention beyond the Magic fandom. In addition to playing the song at Amway, the team posts the final score accompanied by a popular video overlayed with the infectious Orlando Magic theme song.

@orlandomagic ORLANDO MAGIC OH OH OHHHH 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ #NBA #OrlandoMagic ♬ PLAY THE SONG. – Orlando Magic

The catchy song has become a magnet for comments and interaction, extending its appeal beyond just Magic fans. This clever strategy not only celebrates victories but also transforms each post into a vibrant and shareable experience for a wider audience on social media.

NBA fans comment on Magic's TikTok: "Mavericks fan but, ORLANDO MAGIC!""ORLANDO MAGIC!! (i'm a nuggets fan)

Orlando Magic’s TikTok Takeover: Revamped Anthem Sparks 50K User Videos and Counting

Since the release of the revamped Orlando Magic song, it has spread across TikTok, with nearly 50K videos created using the track. The hashtag #OrlandoMagic has seen a surge in content, with 55K posts in the last year and over 778 million views. Since the song is posted after every win on social media, TikTok predicts that #OrlandoMagic is likely to continue trending in the next week. Interest in #OrlandoMagic peaked with the start of this year’s NBA season and the release of the song.

The success of the Orlando Magic’s TikTok campaign is not only about the revival of a classic anthem but also about understanding and resonating with the platform’s primary demographic. Insights into the age distribution of #OrlandoMagic reveal that a significant 76% of views come from individuals aged 18-24. This statistic underscores the remarkable impact the song has had on the youth, aligning with TikTok’s user base.

The Orlando Magic’s triumph on TikTok showcases the importance of audio in social media. In fact, incorporating unique brand sounds in advertisements can amplify brand linkage and recall by over 8 times. This statistic showcases the power of audio branding in creating memorable experiences and strengthening the connection between brands and their audience.

Amplify Your Brand’s Impact with Audio Branding

Recognizing the profound impact of audio, brands can leverage this powerful tool to create memorable experiences and foster strong audience connections. At Captiv8, we understand the transformative influence of audio in shaping modern marketing strategies. Our platform provides brands with the tools to harness the power of audio branding and collaborate with influencers. In turn, this allows brands to resonate authentically with diverse demographics. If you’re eager to expand your reach and captivate new audiences, take a platform tour today!

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