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Exploring Media Trends and AI Breakthroughs at CES 2024

Exploring Media Trends and AI Breakthroughs at CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, hosted in Las Vegas, showcased cutting-edge technologies, groundbreaking products, and tons of valuable insights. Among the highlights, Captiv8 hosted a panel discussion on media trends and the attention economy.

Captiv8’s Prominent Presence at CES 2024

Captiv8 participated at CES 2024 with our panel discussion, “2024 Media Trends & The Attention Economy.” Led by Bryce Adams, VP of Business Strategy and Success, and moderated by Jay Altschuler, SVP of Global Media & Agency Relations at Mastercard, the panel featured a stellar lineup of industry experts:

  • Estee Cross, VP Head of National Sales at Gannett, USA Today Network
  • Michelle O’Donnell, RVP of Sales Midwest at Brave Software
  • Esther M. Raphael, Chief Marketing Officer at Intersection Co.

This powerhouse of knowledge dove into critical aspects of the media landscape, providing attendees with unparalleled insights into the evolving role of influencers and the strategies that will shape the digital marketing landscape in 2024.

The 2024 Media Trends & The Attention Economy panel at CES 2024.

Key Highlights from the Panel: “2024 Media Trends & The Attention Economy”

The Captiv8 panel brought industry leaders together to discuss media trends and the attention economy. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with Captiv8 and learn how influencer marketing can boost their digital marketing strategies in 2024. The discussion covered an array of vital topics including:

  • Building Authentic Brand Experiences: In an era where authenticity reigns supreme, the panel shared strategies for creating genuine connections. From storytelling to personalization, the discussion provided a roadmap for brands looking to build authentic brand experiences.
  • Captivating an Audience: “Creators play such a key role because creators have the permission to speak to certain groups of people about certain topics in ways that brands cannot.” – Bryce Adams
  • Using Data and Technology to Capture Attention: The conversation dove into the role of data and technology in capturing and retaining audience attention. Attendees received actionable insights on leveraging data-driven strategies and cutting-edge technologies to make a lasting impact.
  • The Importance of Storytelling: “If you think about creators in the content studio and the way that you can take this content and put it on gas station TVs, you can put it on visual displays in-store and be really intentional about what the purpose is, why am I listening to these people, and how do I track the full-funnel attribution. It is a challenge but it can be done. And I think the one thing we always want to do is we want the hardest problem.” – Bryce Adams

The Captiv8 team at CES 2024.

AI Takes the Spotlight at CES 2024

Beyond the panel discussions at CES 2024, the event featured AI as the revolutionary breakthrough of the year. Here’s a closer look at some of the key AI that stood out to us:

  • Microsoft’s Copilot Key: a major change to the Windows PC keyboard using AI for document summarization, email writing, and image creation.
  • Amazon’s AI-Powered Alexa: Unveiling of large language model-powered Alexa experiences including AI chatbots, music, and gaming capabilities.
  • Samsung: AI showcase with SD content upscaling to 8K and automatic TV mode switching to offer users a more immersive and personalized viewing experience.
  • Volkswagen ID 7: Integration of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot, into Volkswagen’s electric vehicles to give a responsive in-car experience.
  • rabbit r1 – Revolutionizing Virtual Assistance: A pocket-sized voice-activated virtual assistant device that connects to the phone, enabling tasks like hailing rides through voice commands. Designed for effortless and intuitive everyday tasks.

As CES 2024 concluded, the insights from Captiv8’s panel and the innovations showcased during the event significantly influenced the industry. The convergence of AI technologies and influencer marketing strategies foreshadows a transformative year ahead. Looking back on CES 2024, we are eager to witness the lasting effects of these advancements in the coming months. Want to know where we’ll be next? Check out our events page!



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