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Social Media Analysis: Stanley’s Path to Social Media Success with Influencer Marketing

Stanley Influencer Marketing

The recent successes of Stanley’s tumblers are an exceptional example of a swift brand that was aware of its online presence through social listening and quick to adapt to emerging new consumer groups. Although many today know the Stanley brand for their famously viral tumbler that resonated greatly with female demographics, the brand has traditionally targeted working-class men and outdoor enthusiasts. However, as the narrative around their product changed on social media, Stanley was quick to incorporate influencer marketing tactics that strategically capitalize on their newest group of consumers.

Through a comprehensive data analysis, we’ll uncover the remarkable shifts in audience interest, engagement tactics, and demographics, in addition to examples. Join us as uncover the strategies behind Stanley’s recent successes through adaptability and capitalizing on trends!

Talk of the Town: Capitalizing on UGC

Stanley’s 1913 Quencher appeals to the masses through a few key features that include its insulated walls that keep beverages hot or cold for several hours, a handle for portability, and a skinny base that allows it to fit in the cup holders of most cars even in its 40 oz sizes. Although these may seem like minuscule features to many, it has resonated with an incredibly large audience, so much so that it has amassed a cult-like following on TikTok that continues to generate waves of viral user-generated content about the product as seen in its TikTok interest over time over the last three years as seen below.

Stanley TikTok interest over time
Data Source: TikTok Creative Center

Stanley’s most recent spike in interest is likely in large part due to a recent viral video of a woman’s car that caught on fire. Notably, the scorched vehicle that was covered in ash and left in ruins also contained a Stanley tumbler that remained in surprisingly identifiable shape. In the wake of the blazing tragedy, the tumbler still held ice! The President of Stanley responded by stitching the video on TikTok and offering to replace her vehicle as a gesture of their appreciation for her being a valued customer and sharing her story.


#stitch with @Danielle Stanley has your back ❤️

♬ original sound – Stanley 1913

Stanley’s Influencer Marketing Strategy

Although the brand had previously been marketed towards working-class men and outdoor enthusiasts, Stanley was keen to the rave reviews generated by adult women on TikTok and quickly identified a new target audience. Stanley would go on to partner with numerous creators that appeal to the female adult audience, including creators like Hannah Brown who through the use of Captiv8 insights, we found that nearly 94% of her 4.3 million followers are female!

Stanley has even gone on to capitalize on trends that don’t particularly involve the brand. They recently partnered with country music superstar, Lainey Wilson! On the back of her number-one hit “Watermelon Moonshine” to create a special edition “Watermelon Moonshine” colorway.


In conclusion, the Stanley influencer marketing success story serves as a testament to the transformative potential of influencer marketing. In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, the value of influencer marketing platforms cannot be overstated. Platforms like Captiv8 provide invaluable resources for brands seeking to connect with their target audience through influential figures. By leveraging these platforms, brands gain access to a curated network of creators with the potential to amplify their message and reach a wider audience. This strategic approach not only maximizes brand exposure but also fosters authentic connections with consumers. Interested in learning more? Take a platform tour today!

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