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Top 10 CPG Influencer Marketing Stats of 2023

Top 10 CPG Influencer Marketing Stats of 2023

In the dynamic landscape of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), influencer marketing continues to redefine the way brands connect with their target audience. As we enter 2024, the role of influencers in shaping consumer preferences and driving brand engagement has only intensified. In this blog post, we take a look at the top 10 CPG influencer marketing stats of 2023.

1. Nearly 50% of Gen Z and Millennial users follow influencers to discover new products (Captiv8, CPG Influencer Marketing Survey, 2023).

Captiv8’s 2023 CPG Marketing Report found that 44% of Gen Z and 47% of Millennials cited “To discover new products” as one of the main reasons for following influencers. Unsurprisingly “For entertainment” was the leading cause. However, this shows that consumers are also interested in discovering new products from the creators that they find entertaining.

2. 79% of millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers discover new CPG products more often after joining TikTok (TikTok, CPG Insights Survey, 2022).

TikTok’s CPG Insights Survey found that 79% of millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers are more likely to discover new CPG products after joining the platform. This underscores the role of influencers on TikTok in curating content that resonates with younger demographics. Short-form videos have become a powerful medium for introducing and promoting CPG offerings. As a result, TikTok has emerged as both a social space and a selling channel.

3. 1/2 of Gen Zers have tried a new snack because of an influencer recommendation (Captiv8, CPG Influencer Marketing Survey, 2023).

Captiv8’s 2023 CPG Marketing Report revealed that half of Gen Zers have tried a new snack based on an influencer’s recommendation. This statistic exemplifies the role of influencers in the discovery of new products, especially with the younger generations. 

4. 40% of Gen Z and 35% of Millenials have discovered a new seasonal food or flavor because of an influencer on social media (Captiv8, CPG Influencer Marketing Survey, 2023).

During the holiday season, influencers have a significant impact on CPG sales, especially when it comes to seasonal foods and flavors. Captiv8’s 2023 CPG Marketing Report revealed that 40% of Gen Z and 35% of Millenials have discovered a new seasonal food or flavor because of an influencer on social media. 

5. Gen Z is more likely to discover grocery products by way of a search engine rather than by finding them on store shelves (Insider Intelligence, CPG and Grocery Product Discovery Report, 2023).

Insider Intelligence’s 2023 CPG and Grocery Product Discovery Report revealed that Gen Z prefers to discover grocery products through search engines rather than in-store exploration. This shift highlights the impact of technology on consumer behavior. In this context, influencer marketing becomes crucial, serving as a link between Gen Z’s digital discovery and their shopping decisions. As Gen Z turns to search engines for product insights, influencers play a key role in offering recommendations through engaging content. The alignment between online exploration and influencers showcases a dynamic landscape where technology and digital personalities collectively shape the grocery shopping experience.

6. CPG is the #1 category for in-store Creator shopping (LTK, 2023 CPG Whitepaper, 2023).

According to LTK’s 2023 CPG Whitepaper, CPG ranks as the top category for in-store creator shopping. This reflects a clear connection between influencer marketing and consumer buying habits. This finding indicates that consumers aren’t just looking to influencers for online guidance but are also turning to them when making in-store purchases. It emphasizes how influencers can impact the choices consumers make as they shop in brick-and-mortar stores.

7. Almost twice as many Gen Z shoppers (34% vs. 18%) learned about new products they bought on TikTok vs. Instagram, and more than three times as many on TikTok as Facebook (Tinuiti, CPG Customer Journey Study, 2023).

The popularity of #TiktokMadeMeBuyIt encompasses this stat, showcasing the platform’s unique ability to transform casual content consumption into actionable purchasing decisions. Tinuiti’s 2023 CPG Customer Journey Study exemplifies TikTok as a driving force in the consumer landscape.

8. 2 out of 3 CPG customers prefer influencer marketing to traditional advertisements (HypeFactory, 2023).

HypeFactory’s finding that 2/3 CPG customers prefer influencer marketing to traditional advertisements underscores the evolving dynamics of brand engagement. In an era characterized by ad saturation and a growing skepticism towards conventional marketing tactics, consumers are signaling a clear inclination toward the authenticity and relatability that influencers bring to the table.

9. Only 8% of consumers list brand names as the trigger for a CPG purchase (Bazaar Voice, 2023).

A recent survey by Bazaar Voice found that only 8% of consumers consider brand names as the primary trigger for their purchases. This signals a notable shift in consumer behavior, indicating that brand loyalty alone isn’t the main driver for CPG purchases. Instead, consumers are looking beyond brand names to factors like product recommendations and authentic experiences. This shift emphasizes the significant role of influencer marketing in shaping consumer choices. 

10. Among Gen Z, 87% said they had bought beauty products based on the recommendation of an online influencer in the past year (Tinuiti, CPG Customer Journey Study, 2023). 

Tinuiti’s 2023 CPG Customer Journey Study highlighted that 87% of Gen Z has bought a beauty product based on the recommendation of an influencer in the past year. This finding underscores the pivotal role influencers play in shaping beauty trends and consumer choices within this demographic.

Looking Ahead: Influencer Marketing in 2024

These ten statistics showcase the transformative impact of influencer marketing in the CPG space. Influencers have become integral to in-store CPG purchases, particularly with the Gen Z demographic. As we step into 2024, these statistics affirm that influencer marketing is not just a trend but an indispensable component of the evolving consumer landscape. 

2024 Influencer Marketing Campaign Checklist for CPG Brands

  1. Define Clear Objectives: Clearly articulate the goals of your influencer marketing campaign. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving product sales, or promoting a new offering, make sure to define your objectives.
  2. Identify Your Audience: Identify and understand your target audience while considering Gen Z’s significant influence in the CPG space.
  3. Authenticity Assessment: Prioritize influencers who authentically engage with their audience and whose personal brand aligns naturally with your CPG products. Through Captiv8’s Shopify integration, you can pinpoint which influencers are already fans of your brand through a cross-database reference.
  4. Influencer Selection: Carefully choose influencers whose values align with your brand and who resonate with your target audience. Consider using an influencer marketing platform such as Captiv8 to identify and assess potential influencers. These platforms streamline the selection process by providing valuable insights into an influencer’s audience demographics, engagement, and previous collaborations.
  5. Content Strategy Development: Collaborate with influencers to develop a strategy that showcases your products while fitting into the influencer’s content style.
  6. In-Store Integration: Explore ways to seamlessly integrate influencers into in-store experiences, bridging the gap between digital and physical retail.
  7. Measure and Analyze: Utilize our enterprise dashboard for instant, real-time tracking of influencer performance. API integrations across social platforms empower you to gauge success against your KPIs, providing insights to inform your future strategy.

To navigate and harness the potential of impactful moments, brands and marketers can turn to platforms like Captiv8. Captiv8 empowers brands to not only uncover trends but also navigate the nuances of the ever-evolving consumer landscape. Interested in learning more? Take a platform tour today.

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