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Who is Alix Earle? The Alix Earle Playbook

Who is Alix Earle

Captiv8 co-founder and CEO, Krishna Subramanian, sat down with Sutherland Gold to dissect the phenomenon that is Alix Earle. If you don’t already know who Alix Earle is, she is a 22-year-old college beauty and fashion lifestyle creator in addition to being a student at the University of Miami who has taken the social media world by storm. With 4.9M TikTok followers, Alix is well-known to her audience for taking them behind the scenes of her life.

During Subramanian’s discussion with Sutherland Gold, he had this to say when asked what makes up the ‘Alix Earle Playbook’ “In my opinion, Alix doesn’t follow a true formula for success – she simply lives the lifestyle of a college student-turned-creator, and shares it with her followers. She’s formed a deep connection with her fans due to a unique mix of relatability and scenarios that many others may deal with. She’s also very transparent, and while authenticity is something others seek to portray, Alix has a very open and charismatic way of sharing her experiences, be it a breakup, skin issues, beauty routines, or simply everyday college life with her followers. The formula, as it stands, may be as simple as being your truest self, and sharing it with others through meaningful content.”

To learn more about the secret sauce behind Alix Earle’s success, read the full article by Sutherland Gold here.

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