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Measuring Social Media Engagement – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

On Wednesday, September 21st, Netflix released Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The series looks to have capitalized on a growing interest in true crime, in fact, three of the top 8 podcasts listed by Spotify are of the true crime genre, with many more sprinkled throughout the top 100 charts. Netflix’s latest hit had subscribers quickly running to social media to continue the conversation. After measuring the social media engagement of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story during the first week since its release, here’s what we found:

#Dahmer Generates 323.65M Engagements Over Two Days

Dahmer Social Media Engagement

Through the use of Captiv8’s comprehensive insights, we found that on the day of the show’s release, #Dahmer generated 194.13M engagements! After analyzing the data, we see another spike in mentions on Saturday, September 24th, as viewers likely spent the weekend binging the show before taking to social media to continue the conversation.

#Netflix Earns Similar Spikes in Engagement

Netflix Social Media Engagement

There are a wide variety of reasons in which Netflix may see spikes in social media engagement on any given day, whether it be related to policy changes, stock prices, new shows, or many other factors. Although, it looks like the first Saturday after the release of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, September 24th, generated Netflix’s monthly high for September 2022 with 4.04M engagements!


In conclusion, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story quickly became Netflix’s new hit show! After registering astronomical social media engagement, it will certainly be interesting to see if Netflix continues to ramp up true crime content. Interested in learning more about Captiv8’s comprehensive insights or how we measured other hit shows such as Stranger Things and Never Have I Ever? Reach out to us today!

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