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Key Takeaways from The Value of Representation in Influencer Marketing Webinar [On-Demand Recording Available]

Representation in Influencer Marketing

As a minority-owned influencer marketing company, we feel that it is our duty to dig deep and host impactful discussions that help educate and build an equitable influencer marketing landscape for all. In case you missed our webinar covering the value of representation in influencer marketing, you can watch the on-demand recording here! Tune in in order to learn about the key takeaways highlighted below along with how to consider DEI since the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, addressing tokenism, examples of brands who have improved their campaigns through diversity, and many more topics!

Meet the Panelists

The panel included Senior VP of Special Projects at DBA, Ernest “EJ” James, Captiv8 Head of Strategy & Strategic Partnerships, Saeyoung Cho, Digital Partnerships Marketing Manager at Mattel, David G. Brown, & Digital Content Creator,Ebony Nunez of Team2Moms!

Key Takeaways:

A Creator’s Experience, Representation, & Story Matters More Than a Campaign’s Messaging

Brands need to remind themselves that influencer marketing is a modern-day spin on word-of-mouth advertising. The reason for word-of-mouth advertising’s success is because of the storytelling and authenticity of the person sharing their experience. Every creator that you are partnering with for an influencer marketing campaign should be thought of as their own creative marketing agency and should be treated as such, they know best how to reach their audience and community. Instead of creating strict messaging guidelines that a creator must follow when promoting your product or service, grant them with further creative control, a campaign’s “talking point doesn’t matter, what matters is the emotion behind the experience I’m having [with this product or service], what matters is the representation [I feel] through this product I am using. That to me means more [than branded messaging].”

What is the Value of Representation?

Representation within influencer marketing carries value within a variety of categories. First and foremost, consumers must feel represented, and“the consumer of the content must see themselves in order to make the [purchasing] decision that you want them to make.” Additionally, brands around the world are quickly understanding “that [representation] is no longer an it would be nice [luxury], it’s a responsibility. So many parents in the millennial generation have grown up not seeing themselves [represented] that they’re just not going to support it.” If your brand doesn’t see the value in representation, your competition will and will create branded content that resonates amongst your target audience.

Consider Creating an Advisory Council of Your Target Consumer Demographics to Drive Authentic Campaigns and Results

Through the creation of a diverse board that oversees targetted marketing strategies, you can really “dig deep to understand their narrative, how to reflect that through their products, and I would champion that to other brands, create an advisory council made up of what your consumers look like.” This advisory council comprised of members from your target demographic will be able to put themselves in the shoes of your target audience, because they are your target audience. An advisory council will help your brand create authentic stories because they will know what resonates and is relatable. “Beyond working with influencers to produce content, it’s [the advisory council] actually a great source of information for how you approach these sorts of things, dig into those tough questions, get feedback, it’s an incredible community that has tapped into what audiences want, need, and resonate with.”


In conclusion,check out the on-demand recording of our webinar in order to learn more about the value of representation in influencer marketing! To learn more about how we as a minority-owned influencer marketing company are building an equitable influencer marketing landscape through real change, find out how we’re supporting BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ SMBs through The Influence Change Grant.

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