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How to Scale Direct Response Influencer Campaigns with Granular Reporting

Influencer Campaigns

When looking to scale direct response influencer campaigns, it can be difficult to analyze every factor. Between social channels, creators, and content types, measuring performance can be time-consuming if all of your metrics are pulled manually. It’s essential for brands to determine what is effective so they can stop what’s not working and invest more time and resources into winning strategies. Through Captiv8’s Shopify integration, our latest reporting capabilities allow brands to measure not only engagements and reach for influencer campaigns, but also purchases, sales, and revenue by creator, post type, and creative. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How is the Performance of Influencer Campaigns Measured?

Our campaign reporting feature takes the following variables into account when measuring performance:

  • Shopify Total Sales
  • Shopify Clicks
  • Shopify Conversions
  • Shopify Commission
Campaign Reporting

What can brands do with these insights?

Once a brand understands what is performing, brands can choose to scale their social influencer and affiliate program by executing the following:

  • Activate more creators on the best performing channel(s)
  • Extend discount codes for the top-performing creators
  • Boost content that has converted the most purchases
Activating Influencers

Get Started Now

Available now, brands can leverage our Shopify integration to analyze and scale their influencer marketing campaigns. Identify what creators are reaching your target audience, what channels they’re on, and what type of content resonates with them. Interested in learning more about our Shopify integration? Click here to learn more! Visit for more info.


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