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Captiv8 and LiveRamp Team Up To Turn Brands’ First-Party Data into Scalable Influencer Campaigns

Captiv8 is proud to share a first-of-its-kind partnership with LiveRamp, a leading data connectivity platform, to help companies utilize their own first-party data, safely and securely, to discover and activate creator partnerships.

There’s no better influencer to use in a campaign than one who is already a brand champion and advocate. Historically speaking, identifying authentic customer brand advocates has been a manual and time-consuming process, causing an additional challenge when influencer marketing campaigns need to scale. Data-privacy regulations and compliance for the handling of customer information also makes this process complex and resource intensive. 

LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. Now, through this joint partnership, brands can leverage LiveRamp’s identity resolution technology to connect their first-party CRM data directly with over ten million+ influencers that are across Captiv8’s database. This powerful fusion of first-party data alongside Captiv8’s advanced AI/ML data engine, major social channel partnerships, and third-party audience segmentation will give Captiv8 customers the ability to:

1. Discover authentic brand ambassadors and influential consumers in a personalized creator marketplace.
2. Activate at-scale consumer advocates to share their experience or inspire usage.
3. Optimize performance of boosted brand content ads across social networks using LiveRamp’s third-party data segments.

These past couple of years, 61% of marketers have still felt that finding relevant influencers for a campaign is difficult. Now, this latest integration helps solve this pain-point for many, while leveraging the power of data most companies already have readily available. This, coupled with Captiv8’s consistent sourcing of first-party creator data – which uncovers insights such as what causes/charities is an influencer passionate about? What keeps them up at night? What brands do they genuinely love and use? – ensures that each and every partnership is as authentic, and scalable, as possible for both brands and creators.

Being sure to think of an Influencer as more than a “demographic” or “affinity” is becoming imperative as more and more creators are citing that their most important method for vetting brand partnerships is by determining which opportunities are most relevant for their audiences. In order to build impactful relationships that last, brands need to turn to forward-thinking influencer marketing platforms, like Captiv8, that continue to advance its technology and the data it collects. 

Ready to start turning your first-party data into effective influencer campaigns? Reach out to our team at or visit for more info. 

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