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Twitter Analysis: Meghan Markle Sparks Social Chatter on Both Sides of the Pond

Twitter Analysis Meghan Markle Oprah

Following Oprah Winfrey’s interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, social mentions exploded. The highly anticipated interview sparked discussions that may have cast the British Royal Family into a new light for many. The conversation covered many controversial topics and was certain to make waves, particularly on social media. We determined that there were 5.26M total engagements after analyzing the usage and contributors of #MeghanMarkle and #HarryandMeghanonOprah.

Audience Twitter Analysis

After dissecting the audience data, we found that the conversation surrounding the interview was not gender-specific. There was a near equal amount of both male and female contributors to the discussion. Additionally, we found that a majority of the total contributors were located in the USA and the UK.

– 51.18% Female Contributors
– 48.82% Male Contributors
– 52.18% of all mentions were from the USA
– 24.35% of all mentions were from the UK
– 4.21% of all mentions were from Canada

Overall Sentiment

Through the use of Captiv8’s comprehensive platform, we were also able to determine the overall sentiment towards the conversation. After analyzing the data, we found that a majority of posts were in support of Meghan Markle with a positive sentiment of 58.94%. However, many were also hesitant with their stance on the topic.


To summarize, the interview sparked 5.26M total engagements among the two hashtags analyzed. Additionally, the topic was not gender-specific, as there were almost an equal amount of both male and female contributors. Lastly, the majority of contributors to the hashtag were from either the USA or the UK with contribution percentages of 52.18% and 24.35% respectively. Canada was the third-largest contributor to this conversation on Twitter with a minuscule 4.21%. If you’re interested in learning more about Twitter analysis, influencer marketing strategy, and more from industry experts, visit for more info! 

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