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Clubhouse: Weekly Influencer Marketing Discussion

Clubhouse Influencer Marketing

Captiv8 is hosting a weekly influencer marketing chatroom on Clubhouse every Wednesday at 12:30 PM PST. Our discussions will offer insights and direct networking opportunities for brand marketers, talent agencies, creators, and anyone interested in the influencer marketing space! Need an invite to sign up for the app? Reach out to us and we’ll get you into the Clubhouse! However, the app is currently iOS exclusive.


Our influencer marketing sessions will be hosted by Captiv8 Director of Brand Agency Partnerships, Lenny Shteynberg, and Captiv8 Director of Brand Partnerships, Mike Logan. With over 15 years of experience in media, Lenny has worked in both traditional and digital media as well as influencer marketing. In a similar manner, Mike has over 20 years of experience in media, also in traditional and digital media as well as influencer marketing. Additionally, our two hosts will be joined by industry experts each week! Reach out to Lenny or Mike to receive an invite to our next discussion.

Special Guests

As previously mentioned, special guest speakers are invited to join the panel and share insights each week. So far, these special guests have included:
– Ebony Haley, Partnerships, Brand Management Influencer & Talent Relations at byte
– Sarah Comtois, Director of Account & Integrated Planning/Senior Partner at MediaCom
– Sarah McDonald, Head of Brand at byte
– Mariana Parnes, Influencer Marketing & Partnerships Expert
– Krishna Subramanian, Captiv8 Co-founder & CEO
– Evan Britton, Founder of Famous Birthdays
– Gabbie Egan, Influencer 2.1M+ followers on TikTok

Why You Should Tune In!

Although Lenny and Mike have already hosted multiple sessions, new listeners can find value in each unique discussion. Mike stated that “every week we invite new guest speakers that have different disciplines within influencer marketing. Listeners will have the opportunity to ask direct questions to anyone on the panel. There is no set agenda or format, this allows our conversations to flow naturally and be of value to any and all listeners.”

Additionally, Lenny enjoys the networking aspect of Clubhouse “I think what makes Clubhouse really unique is the authenticity that is brought to the app by real people who aren’t hiding behind an avatar. Each person brings their voice to the app in a literal sense. Anybody who is looking for opportunities to connect with other people in the influencer marketing space should drop in!”


In conclusion, listeners can expect to hear from our panel of industry experts each week. Lastly, want to drop in on next week’s discussion? Reach out to Lenny or Mike to receive an invite to our next discussion. Visit for more info!

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