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Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes the First Person to Surpass 500M Followers on Social Media


On February 12th, 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo broke yet another record. However, this one was for an off-the-field accomplishment. Ronaldo became the first person to surpass 500M followers on social media through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Follower Count Breakdown

Instagram: 262M
Facebook: 148M
Twitter: 91M
Total Reach: 501M

Sponsored Content

As a result of the largest social media following in the world, Ronaldo has earned many sponsored partnerships. In addition to his Nike partnership, Ronaldo has posted sponsored content for his CR7 brand, Armani, CLEAR, Herbalife Nutrition, and many others.


CLEAR Campaign

Of the many brands that Cristiano Ronaldo has partnered with, one of the most common brands you will see on his Instagram is CLEAR. As an influencer who isn’t afraid to change his hairstyle, Ronaldo’s hair has become an important part of his own brand image. Ultimately, the attention to detail spent on his appearance resulted in him becoming a highly coveted influencer that many hair care brands would love to partner with. However, there was a CLEAR winner.

Clear Haircare

As a result of their partnership, Ronaldo has posted 14 times since 2020 to promote CLEAR on his Instagram. The ongoing campaign notably features seven videos that have received over 56 million total views. Additionally, the 14 total posts have garnered over 32 million likes and 242 thousand comments.

Clear Hair Care


In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first person to surpass 500M followers on social media. As a result of being the most followed person in the world, Ronaldo has earned many paid sponsorships. If you’re interested in learning more about total followers, influencer marketing strategy, and more from industry experts, reach out to us today! 


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