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How Talent Agencies Manage Influencer Campaigns

An influencer’s winning skill is creating amazing content. That’s why many creators choose to work with talent agencies— so they can get the best deals, negotiate the most attractive terms, and receive payments in a safe and secure way, all without having to detract from their top priority, content generation. At Captiv8, we understand the value of having both a talent agent as well as the best tools for everyone to access the same information for any influencer campaign. This is why, today, we are excited to introduce the newest addition to our influencer marketing platform: The Talent Manager Portal to help talent agencies manage influencer campaigns.

The portal is now available within the campaign collaboration flow that already exists within Captiv8’s influencer marketing solution. All parties, including creators, talent agents, brands, and marketing agencies, can now collaborate together in one platform that serves as a single source of truth for every influencer campaign. Because the nature of any negotiated deal and executed campaign involves a number of specific requirements, our Talent Manager Portal now lets talent agencies manage the best interests of their talent directly within our platform, while influencers continue focusing on what they do best, creating content.

Below we outline the top best ways for the new Talent Manager Portal to help you manage influencer campaigns.

Talent Discovery

Hundreds of brands use Captiv8 Discovery everyday to find talent for their campaigns. With the Talent Manager Portal, you can easily create talent lists, upload talent rosters, and share talent data with external audiences. 

Campaign Operations

Running the day-to-day operations for campaigns can be time-consuming for a creator, and potentially cause delays if a creator is busy creating content. By using our Talent Manager Portal, talent agents can represent their talent for every campaign detail from activation to payment. This helps to ensure both brand and talent are satisfied with the campaign details, and can expedite approvals and campaign execution.

Talent Insights

Each creator profile offers robust talent analytics that reveal their audience, top engagement times, cross-channel performance, and more. Easily add talent into Captiv8 to access real-time talent information and share this data externally with brands to secure more deals.

Get started

For a limited time, Captiv8 is offering Campaign Operations tools for free within the Talent Manager Portal. To learn more and receive a full demo of the platform, please visit for more info.

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