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How to Conduct Instantaneous Research for Cross-Channel Social Media Posts

Searching for posts on social platforms has historically been limited to a single social platform for each search. You are further restricted to the platform’s proprietary search engines that have little to no filters for narrowing down the results. With Captiv8, this is no longer an issue. For brands and agencies looking for creative inspiration on social media, Captiv8 now offers keyword search for influencer posts across social platforms. 

Our on-demand research tool lets you query any keyword you wish to see posts for. Think of it as an intelligent search engine that mimics but for social media posts. When performing a search, Captiv8 renders posts from all regions, social platforms, format types, and allows you to filter by date range, audience size, and organic versus paid posts.

This research tool is particularly useful for assessing the competitive and creative landscape. Here are just a few ways to use Captiv8’s global post search engine. 

Competitive Intelligence 

To monitor how your competitors are doing on social media, you can use Captiv8’s global search in a variety of ways. Search for your competitor’s brand name, hashtag, or products to see all of the organic and paid social posts, along with their engagements. The search results can be sorted by number of engagements, likes, or comments, or by date.

Influencer Deep-Dive

When evaluating new talent, you may be interested in what others are saying about the influencer on social media. Enter a keyword search with the influencer’s name or handle and filter the results to see the most recent posts within the last two weeks. Take this research a step further by viewing the posts with the highest engagements to further evaluate the influencer’s likeness.

Creative Validation

When writing new copy or generating creative concepts, you can conduct a search to see what, if any, keywords or hashtags have been previously used on social media. Whether these related posts are recent or not, this level of fact checking helps you make smarter decisions about your creatives so they are always fresh and relevant to your target audience. The last thing you want is to overlap your social media content with other creatives that are stale in the market.

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