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How to Track Budgets with Direct Payments to Influencers

Captiv8 now allows you to pay influencers directly from the platform. Our influencer marketing solution lets you easily send offers, contracts, and now payments, directly to influencers for end-to-end campaign management. Say goodbye to offline spreadsheets with outdated information. Our payments portal comes with built-in budget tracking so you can monitor spend in real time. In addition, you can control how and when payments are made. Here’s how it works.

Flexible payment options

Choose how you wish to pay your influencers. Our platform supports all major credit cards and payment options so you are not restricted to changing your existing payment channel.

Influencer portal

Once you select your payment type, we ensure your payment reaches influencers through a portal designed specifically for influencers. Each influencer has their own secure log in to upload tax documents, follow-up on payments, and receive funds.

Budget tracking

Whether you’re activating dozens of influencers or hundreds, ensuring all of your payments are made according to varying terms can be a manual time-consuming process. With Captiv8 Payments, all of this reporting and budget tracking is done automatically for you. You no longer need to log into multiple places to send funds or update an offline spreadsheet to track what payments have been made.

Captiv8 Payments is available now on the platform. This, in addition to our other campaign workflows, makes Captiv8 the preferred influencer marketing solution for brands, agencies, and influencers. If you’d like to learn more about this feature or any of our other influencer marketing tools, get in touch with a product specialist today.

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