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Top Sponsored Content- March Edition

Another month in the books with awesome branded content. From wildly popular creators (including one with a 13% engagement rate on his recent sponsored post), and a shift to high-quality IGTV content, February set the bar even higher for influencer content. Here are some of our favorites:

In the midst of turbulent times, Captiv8 especially wanted to highlight some awesome informative content from a branch in the United Nations, The World Health Organization. On one of the most popular apps, TikTok, The reputable organization set out to show others the proper way to wash ones’ hands. The challenge, dubbed The Safe Hands Challenge, is a prime example of social good on social apps and the importance in viral knowledge.


Join the WHO ##SafeHands challenge and show us how you practice ##handhygiene to be safe from ##coronavirus. Let’s fight ##COVID19 together!

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Julian Edelman for Nerf

Episodic content holds attention and this piece of sponsored content on IGTV is no different. Set as a fake reality TV show, the Nerf house intro looks to be exciting and drama-filled like many reality TV shows. Once Edelman tries to eat his cereal, it builds out a sense of suspense because the activity is so mundane and therefore, holds attention until the very end.

Adam Rippon for Skittles

The success of this branded content can be attributed to the power of creativity. In this super-high-quality video, champion figure skater Adam Rippon makes his life as fancy as new Skittles DIPS. The combination of subtle humor, high production value and an extravagant creative idea, makes this piece of sponsored content super-engaging right to the end.

Matt Cutshall for Furbo Dog Cam

Some brand partnerships are better suited for longer-form content, and that is okay! IGTV works best with products that are new and might need some explaining which is why this piece of sponsored content is perfect for IGTV. In just over a minute, Cutshall is able to describe how the product works with his unique sense of humor that keeps his content authentic and engaging.

David Dobrik for Dollar Shave Club

Leveraging popular creators is what any brand can dream of; Dobrik incorporated his witty sense of humor in his caption and the product-creator fit was spot-on especially given that Dobrik is known for his close relationship with his assistant, perfect to promote the Double Razor Share Pack. Coming in with a super-impressive 13% engagement rate, this post just goes to show the value that comes from choosing likeable, brand-safe creators, and the value in influencer marketing as a whole.

Fuckjerry for Official Little Tikes

Memes are invariably a great way to advertise in today’s culture. Smart, quick, easy to read, and highly-shareable, they hit all the marks of what it means to run a successful advertising campaign.

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