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Top Sponsored Content- February Edition

Truth: February did not disappoint with sponsored content. Here are some campaigns we enjoyed:

  1. Will Smith for Moncler

This is the exact type of sponsored content that does best on Instagram- short and sweet, yet thoroughly engaging and mesmerizing– so much so, that you might have to watch it more than a couple times to get the full effect. With black and white psychedelic backdrops, the product is allowed to shine.

2. John Legend for Facebook

Not does John Legend make a hilarious choice for an animated cupid in diapers, but also makes for a very fitting choice for a holiday all about love, due to his envious relationship (they are hashtag marital goals) with Chrissy Tiegan. The creative of this campaign is perhaps what makes it so successful, crowdsourcing love stories to be animated and narrated by Legend makes for engaging, creative and touching stories.

3. Ross Smith for Snickers

The reason why this TikTok challenge stands out from others is its use of a format, easily replicable for anyone to do. With an original song, the brand asked users to make TikTok videos calling out the annoying habits and tropes they see in the everyday, asking Snickers to Fix the World. This one using Ross’s grandma acts out certain “basic” influencer habits, of course is right on the money.

4. Zack Kalter for U.S. Virgin Islands

Upbeat music with drops makes this video. Complete with action shots of jumping in the water, sea turtles and drone shots of crystal clear blue water, this piece of branded content will make you want to book a trip ASAP.

5. Sarah M Gellar for Cascade

With an engagement rate of 4.9% this sponsored content is certainly not last. This piece of branded content included one aspect that many ignore: subtitles, which increases viewership for those who cannot use sound. Expertly shot and ironically funny, this piece of branded content was light, authentic and overall well-done.

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