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10 Takeaways from VidCon

We sat elbow to elbow with a few of our favorite Youtubers, took Insta-worthy pictures on the expo floor, and learned from the best and the brightest in the industry. Whether you’re a creator, an industry specialist, or a fan, there was something for everyone. Here are our top 10 takeaways from VidCon:

  1. IGTV > IG stories


It’s been one year since IGTV debuted. During the panel, Instagram Fireside Chat- IGTV Year One, we learned about its successes and what’s to come. IGTV is the embodiment of the seamless scrolling experience Instagram was based on. For that reason, many fans are now looking to IGTV for updates and content from their favorite creators. 

2. Fans are friends, not consumers


How did Taco Bell become one of the most beloved brands today? While Doritos Locos Tacos certainly helped, it was ultimately their relatability and transparency with their fans on social media that turned millennials and Gen Z’ers from consumers to fans. When mega-influencer Tyler Oakley tweeted 7 years ago that he was boycotting Taco Bell until they came out with a Cool Ranch Dorito taco, the corporation responded via Twitter to start a friendly, funny conversation that helped stir excitement and gain exposure. On how corporations should strive to talk to their consumers, Nick Tran, VP of Marketing at Hulu put it simply: ‘Let’s work with you,’ rather than ‘let’s try to target you.’”

3. Authenticity= key


Authenticity was quite possibly the word of the convention, but with good reason. The best way to find the right community when searching for influencers is about already having that authentic love for the brand, and naturally, the magic will follow. Same goes with giving creators’ the freedom and trust to endorse your product the way they know best for their audience. If they already have an authentic love for the brand, the content will be, well, authentic!

4. Influencer marketing is driving better results than traditional advertising


Between IGTV, Instagram live, Instagram stories, vlogs and the likes, creators have weakened the barrier that once existed between traditional celebrities and fans. They are approachable and open, causing fans to think of them like their friends. So when an influencer endorses a product, it’s as if a friend is recommending it, driving better results than a 60 second un-personalized ad.

5. Instagram Live is about retention & spread


First and foremost, the content on Instagram Live needs to hold the audience’s attention. One clothing company even ran an hour-long trivia with a new question every minute and the first person to answer it right received a free item. What’s equally important for Instagram Live is spread: raising awareness that you are live, getting people curious, and enticing them to watch along. People can see when their friends comment on an Instagram Live, driving more people to watch and spread awareness and so getting those comments is key to spread!

6. Instagram = car


On Instagram, there is one profile and one community with different modes of interacting with those groups. Instagram is a car with 4 wheels: feed, stories, live, and IGTV. Use the feed to share moments, stories to show your authentic/ unedited life, live to interact with fans in real time, and IGTV for long-form content. Your car can’t drive the results as fast as it can with all four tires. Use all four to become a power creator!

7. Instagram debuted new Creator Accounts


Creator accounts come with several features distinct from business or personal accounts, including message filtering tool that allows creators to rank pending message requests by relevance or time. Among safety features include the two factor authentication to help prevent hacking, comment moderation where creators can turn off comments completely or filter words, phrases and/or emojiis, and audience controls, which creators can use to block certain accounts, remove followers, report abuse, or hide stories.

8. Tips to use Instagram


IG Stories:

The questions sticker is great for your audience to get to know you and vice versa 

Countdown sticker can help brands and influencers build momentum towards a new song, secret etc. When the countdown is done, fans get a notification that the news is about to drop.

The Spark AR filters allow you to create new filters.


Q and A allows you to answer questions real time and get to know your fans and vice versa.

The media sharing feature allows you to pick pictures to share with fans in live real time 

When you’re thinking about live (should go live about once a week) be on a good wifi network and give people an advance notice, which you can do through stories.


Engage the viewer in the first three seconds

When you upload you can use the first minute and upload to your feed

Before uploading share a behind the scenes, or countdown sticker. Upload to facebook, share to your stories, go live to talk with fans and see what you can create next.

9. Gaming & esports are on the rise


Gaming and esports are taking the online world by storm, creating incredible new brand partnership potential. Honda saw the opportunity with branded tournament transport and sponsored gaming tournaments. The venture was so successful that Honda now considers gaming as one of its 3 core pillars!

10. To #ad or not to #ad


So you’ve got your Instagram beefed up, but arguably, one of the most important factors in influencer marketing is compliance with FTC regulations. Without a visible #ad, your post could be flagged and all of your hard work, gone. Make sure that your #ad is visible and not hidden in a sea of other hashtags.

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