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3 Best Practices for Creative Branded Content

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Creative branded content is the heartbeat of a successful Influencer Marketing campaign. And due to the success and ROI of Influencer marketing, brands are increasing Influencer Marketing spend resulting in an influx of creative branded content appearing within our social feeds. So how do brands stand out from the noise of branded content? How do get they noticed?

It comes down to creative execution. Creative branded content makes a viewer pay attention, which in this day and age, is a huge deal. To help brand marketers achieve creative branded success, here are a 3 practices that can help brands shine:

Aim To Authentically Position, Not Sell:  The key with creative content and Influencer Marketing is that it should look and feel as authentic as possible. Showing fans how and why the product works so effortlessly within the influencers life is the best way to get audiences to pay attention. Natural integrations work best, especially when your audience is astute and doesn’t appreciate being sold to, like millennials.

Make Your Words Count: Captions can effectively make or break your campaign. An Influencer can have the most appealing creative imagery, but if your caption or overall messaging seems forced or is not properly thought-out, it can hurt brand performance or perception. This goes for hashtags as well. When partnering with an Influencer, be sure to pay attention to their tone – and work creative messaging accordingly. Brands often have guidelines around how they want their products to be positioned, but flexibility is key.

Create an Emotional Connections Win: If you really want your content to win, focus on creating an emotional connection with your audience. According to Psychology Today, it was shown that an emotional connection mattered more than content itself when it came to purchase intent. When crafting creative branded content, it’s important to understand the sentiment of your audience. Measuring Brand Affinity is an effective way to understand how your content has emotionally resonated with your audience (pssst.. Captiv8 has a Brand Affinity feature, if you’re interested).

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