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How To Create an Always On Influencer Marketing Strategy

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An “Always On” marketing strategy is exactly that – content that is always on, front and center. Always on top of mind through your feeds, at the tip of your favorite Influencers tongue, and of course well-saturated across multiple social platforms. For brands, creating a long-lasting brand ambassadorship program is the ultimate form of Influencer Marketing. Whether opting for All-Star digital talent or microinfluencers, Brands leverage trusted and authentic Influencer voices, turning campaigns into mutually lucrative long-term partnerships.  

A study by Nielsen reported that 76% of consumers value recommendations by people they may know, or by simple word-of-mouth when purchasing or trialing products. The following are a few guidelines in helping your brand establish its own Always On Influencer Marketing strategy and approach:

1)    Find the Right Influencer: The first step is to evaluate your own product and decide which category of Influencer would best suit your needs. Proctor & Gamble launched the Pampers Pure diaper collection earlier in 2018, marketing the more natural product attributes. It was imperative for the brand to partner with an Influencer who not only was a parent, but had a voice that aligned strongly with their brand. Enter brand ambassador Chrissy Teigen, a two-time mom and wife to John Legend. Here she discusses #PureGoals, how fellow moms want the best for their child:


2)    Analytics Matter: It doesn’t matter if your favorite Influencer is the “best” fit for a brand campaign. Analytics should help define which Influencer can best propel your always on influencer marketing strategy. Factors such as the age of an Influencers audience, or where they are located matter depending on who and where your customers are.  Luckily, there are platforms that make Influencer discovery so much easier.

3)    Content Strategy: Once brand ambassadors have been established, it’s time to work on content. The key to Always On Influencer Marketing is to project content at all the right times, staying top of mind amongst consumer audiences. Identify holidays or tentpole events that will matter the most for your consumers. Clamato is a Michelada essential, and the brand has created memorable content working with the likes of Oscar Miranda to create content for Michelada Day.

4)    Feedback Loop: A great way to check in to see how your Always On campaign is performing is to schedule a regular feedback loop. Brands may choose to share communication with Influencers before they create content, or after a series of posts go live. Whatever the cadence is, make sure to document objectives, goals, and milestones for sheer transparency. 

5)    Renew: Influencers who promote Always On strategies develop trust with their audiences over time. The key is to have your Influencer be seen as more than just digital talent who has created a one-off post. The ultimate goal is for consumers to view your Influencer as a true brand ambassador, and one who is truly a brand advocate.

Reach out to Captiv8, we can help create your Always On Influencer marketing campaign from the ground up!

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