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Best Practices for Successful Video Interviews

Video is an attractive format for brand marketers. According to Nielsen, in Q2 2018, marketers were reporting video ad completion rates of 83%. One particular video format that brand marketers should leverage are Video Interviews. 

Video interviews are an engaging, interactive, and easy way to convey long-form messages. Brands can also gain trust by leveraging video interviews. Captiv8 used a video interview with Toyota Mirai, by sending an ecologically friendly Influencer to the EMA Impact Summit to interview members of the Toyota team as well as eco-minded celebrities. Video interviews help share content in an easier way: topics which may require in-depth explanations are easily handled in this Q&A style. Video interviews also provide visuals vs. long form text.

Here are some ideas for interview-style video content:

  1. Interview talent about an exciting new product/topic to help create buzz around it,
  2. “Day-in-the-life” interviews which provide a behind-the-scenes look into brand culture,
  3. Destination video tours to help paint a picture of the brand,
  4. Interviewing industry subject matter experts to gage buy-in.

Here are a few best practices while filming:

  1. Research and understand the topic to start thinking on the right track,
  2. Stick to prepared talking points and keep responses concise,
  3. Speak slowly, clearly, and conversationally,
  4. Be aware of the camera, if walking around.

Remember: The interviewed talent is not only representing the brand, but themselves as well. Make sure to have a clean, polished look and appropriate clothing – no third party logos or brands.

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