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Creators Are The Answer!

Moving out of the spectrum of simply celebrity-endorsed campaigns to contributive content proved pretty favorable as Adidas collaborated with creators with unique identities, perspectives, and opinions to make a big splash this World Cup. 

Right before the tournament started, Adidas called out to all creators to join their “Creativity Is The Answer” movement. Pharell, A$AP Ferg, Pogba, Mo Salah and Dele Alli were some that invited and inspired creators from all over the world to be a part of their #HereToCreate campaign. 

72AndSunny Amsterdam kicked off this campaign with a video right before the World Cup began inviting creators from different facets of life to pull up a chair to the table and create something new.


After running for about a month, Sockeye created a new campaign which featured creators more than just a singular purpose like The NYC Ramblers an LGTB soccer club, “This Fan Girl” in London a community to reshape how female soccer players and fans are portrayed in the media, Geoff Gouveia an artist known for eccentric expression in art and design. Taking on some big names as well, the shoe giant included Nadya Karpova a Russian female player and Giovanni Reyna a 16-year-old US mens forward.

This crowd-sourced content created video included murals from different cities, ethnical visual language, and snippets from various contributors. Amassing 15 million views in 48 hours proved that creators truly are the answer to beautiful but effective marketing!


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