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The Value of Brand Ambassadors

Influencer marketing continues to boom and shows no signs of slowing down. As more and more brands turn to influencers for meaningful marketing spend, influencers are flooded with partnership opportunities, and this is where things can get tricky. Most influencers make a living off of content creation and rely on brand deals for income, therefore often accepting many of the offers that come their way. This makes it difficult to guarantee brand loyalty or partnership longevity from the influencer.

One solution? Partner with an influencer that will be a long term brand ambassador. Here’s why it’s worth the investment:

Ambassador relationships are based on real brand affinity, which can be identified through a platform, like Captiv8. Unlike more traditional brand ambassadors, influencers are relatable to the everyday consumer, creating a more intimate connection between brand and consumer through mutual values.  

They involve multiple branded posts across various social platforms over a longer period of time rather than just a one-off campaign. One-off posts and partnerships with brands are less credible and memorable to followers. Followers look for authentic content that promotes products and services based on real beliefs in a quality brand. Multiple posts keep the brand visible and top of mind to audiences, leading them to be more likely to engage with the brand after seeing it more than once in their feed. Continuous support from the influencer builds the audience’s trust in the influencers own belief in the brand. 

Long-term partnerships with ambassadors also guarantee a greater increase in social conversations around the brand, both amongst audiences and within the highly connected influencer community.

As the influencer space continues to grow and present new opportunities for marketers in all verticals, it also presents partnership challenges. Marketers must vet influencers for past partnerships and ensure there are no conflicts in terms of brand loyalty. Make sure to partner with a platform, like Captiv8, that can provide insights into past brand work and look specifically at your competitors to see who they have partnered with.  

A great example of successful brand ambassador campaigns include Natasha Oakley for Amex and Stephanie Smith for Adidas: these influencers have been regularly posting authentic content about each brand, truly engaging with their audience.

If you’re a brand interested in working with an ambassador or a marketer looking for more information on social insights, contact the Captiv8 team today.


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