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Social Movement On Social Media: How Can the Hashtag Be Put Into Real Action?

We live in an age where social media rules and your voice can be heard with a simple click of a ‘Share’ button.

With the use of the all mighty hashtag, these thoughts can become a movement.

We have seen this in the most recent years with a multitude of various political and social issues getting attention on social media; ranging from the still prevalent #BlackLivesMatter (6.8M current tags on Instagram) to the most recent #MeToo movement (433K current tags on Instagram), which is sweeping the globe in a reaction to women taking a stand against sexual assault and harassment.

Sparking a conversation is the key start to any movement, but it is actual action that can make a change in our society. So the question is, how can you take the hashtag and make a real change?

Below are a few options you can take to make your hashtags a reality. Let’s start with the most important one first though, education.

  • Educate yourself: If you are going to stand behind a social or political cause, educate yourself on it! Know its history, who is involved, and who is talking about it. You are going to want to be sharing the correct information when speaking, posting, and acting on it.

One way to educate yourself on the supporters and audience of the cause is to study the cause’s hashtag. You can do so by creating a hashtag tracker in the Captiv8 Insights platform.

The Insights platform will give you the most up to date metrics on the hashtag you are searching. You will be able to see everything from who has used the hashtag most, the geographic location of where it is most often posted to the age and gender of the hashtag users.

With access to all this information you will be able to get a better understanding of how to target your audience and how to come together with like other like-minded supporters. Below are the metrics for the hashtag #MeToo from the Captiv8 Insights platform.

*Metrics from December 14, 2017 – March 14, 2018

Once you are educated on your cause, it is time to take action! Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Contact your local government: With the use of any search engine you can find a way to get in contact with members of your local government. You can start locally then build up to state then even federal. Write letters, make phone calls or even attend a Town Hall meeting. Make your actual voice heard in person by other people.
  • Use your wallet to help: Donate big or small to your cause. For each movement there are organizations who need your help financially to create action. Even if it is a single dollar, it will count and can make a difference.
  • Use your wallet to harm: If you are aware of a company or person actively or openly supports or even speaks positively to the cause you are fighting against do not monetarily support that company or stems of that company. If you don’t know,  educate yourself.
  • Make yourself seen: Now this option is not for everyone, but you can get involved in rallies and marches. Just remember to stay safe, be smart and remember why you are there.

Don’t only make your voice heard, take action. #DoItToday

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