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What Snap’s New Link-Sharing Feature Means for Marketers

A few days ago, Snap unveiled a new feature called Paperclip, which allows all Snapchat users to link to external websites and videos from within the app. While a new link-sharing feature may not seem all that innovative at first glance, it’s actually big news for any marketer or creator that splits their time between Instagram and Snapchat. Here’s how it works, as well as some thoughts about how marketers should make use of this new capability.

What is Paperclip, and why does it matter?

A new feature that enables users to include clickable links to outside content in their posts. Links have often been a big source of concern for Instagram and Snapchat users alike. On Snapchat, the linking feature was previously reserved for paid ad campaigns or content shared via the platform’s “Discover” section. Meanwhile on Instagram, only “verified” users or those using paid ad campaigns could share links with their followers. This was a source of frustration for brands and creators, who hoped to use their accounts to promote outside content, projects and ad campaigns. Now thanks to Paperclip, Snapchat may actually offer a competitive advantage to marketers and creators looking for ways to organically promote their videos, products or news articles (that is, unless Instagram replicates the feature).

How will Paperclip help marketers on Snapchat?

The ability to share links to outside web content will likely prove to be a huge incentive for marketers operating on Snapchat. It will:

  • Make it easier to track different ad campaigns on the platform
  • Offer more opportunities to promote products
  • Allow for a better understanding of which creators are helping drive consumers to take action
  • Create new tools for brands to cross-promote different social media accounts or campaign micro-sites

How could marketers and brands use Paperclip?

While the Paperclip feature is still relatively new, there’s a number of potential applications. For e-commerce brands, Paperclip will make it easier to integrate links to product pages, discount codes, or special offers right from their Snapchat Stories. For any brands looking to promote news links or videos, Paperclip will offer another opportunity to share this content with a new audience on Snapchat. And with CPG brands, there’s plenty of new possibilities for promoting special sweepstakes, coupons or promotions.

How will Paperclip evolve in the future, and how might marketers take advantage? Stay in touch with the Captiv8 team for the latest news and best practices.



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