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How To Sell Tickets For Your Event Using Instagram and Twitter

Learning how to sell tickets via Instagram and Twitter could be the game changer that pushes your event from good to buzz-worthy and amazing. From conferences to galas and fundraisers, companies are hosting events and connecting with their audiences at a more personal level. Even if your event offline, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media to increase your event registration. Whether it is a ticketed event or drop-in, use Instagram and Twitter and get your audience to do your promotional work for you.

Live Stream

You can do more than just share photos on Instagram. With its recent updates and additional features, brands can now use Instagram Stories and share live videos. When you stream live, your followers will be notified, bringing them directly to your stream. So use this to your advantage. Share an ‘impromptu’ announcement or teaser about your latest project. Give your audience an exclusive behind the scene look. Create a video invitation and share it directly to your followers. This will help generate buzz around your event.


Hashtags are essential for brands and promoting events. However, there is a trick to mastering the art of hashtagging.

Create a unique hashtag for your event. Keep it short and memorable. Acronyms and abbreviations will be your best friend in keeping it snappy. You can create up to three variations but the more you create the more your engagement efforts will be spread out too thin.

For example, the San Diego Comic Con uses #SDCC to promote posts on Comic Con. But they have a couple variations for each iteration of the conference, like #SDCC2017. You don’t want your attendees to be tweeting the wrong hashtag because it was too long to remember.

Behind the Scenes

While you may want to give off the appearance that planning your event came just naturally, you can let your followers in on the work you’ve been putting in. Audience members are more likely to engage with someone they know is working hard for them. If they see the passion and the work you put into your event, they’re more likely to catch onto your excitement.

Share photos that showcase why this event is important to you. If you are working towards a cause, you can share anecdotes on what inspired your event. Or share photos of the set-up and preparation for your event. Show your audience that this event is more important than sales; that your event is about them.

Engage with Attendees

Social media is all about engagement. You don’t just want followers; you want followers that are taking part in the conversation. So get the conversation started.

While you’re tracking your unique hashtag and promotional photos, get involved with your followers who are already interested. Follow anyone talking about your event. Comment on their photo or reply to their tweet. Like and share their post about your event. Make them feel not just welcome to your event, but as if they are the star of your event. They’ll be more likely to keep engaging with you, making you more visible to their followers.

Run a Contest

Nothing gets people talking about an event more than the chance to be able to go for free. So give them that option. Start a contest where the prize is free admission to your event. If it’s a free event, then you can offer a loot bag.

Reach out to your sponsors too. Social media giveaways are an excellent source of promotion for them. Before running a contest, establish entry rules such as follow, share, comment, or use a hashtag. These rules will help boost engagement, increase awareness, and keep sponsors happy.

Share Promotional Material

You’re probably already spending a pretty penny on your promotional materials. Why create new online promotional material when you can share your posters on Instagram and Twitter? If you have posters designed and printed, ask your designer to send you the file electronically as a jpeg or png.

If you have any speakers or key figures will be attending your event, share their headshot and any information about their presentation or related work. Remember to also tag them. Not only will your audience know more about your event but your guest of honor may even share your post among their followers and networks. The more you connect with other influencers, the more engagements you’ll see with your audience members. This will help you reach a new and unique market that you otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

Past Events

Is it a recurring event? Have you done a past run? Have you run similar or related events in the past? Use the success – or the appearance of success – to market your new event. Convince new followers and potential attendees that they missed out on the event of a lifetime.

Using the best and most interesting photos from your previous event, share them using your unique hashtag, but take advantage of social media trends like #tbt or #FlashbackFriday on Instagram. These tags are regularly run through and can help spread the use of the hashtag.

Captiv8 Recommendations

Through using data partners like Captiv8 Insights, you will be able to identify which strategies and techniques worked best for you. Track what hashtags connected with your audience and users who were engaged. Discover your audience’s habitats and what they respond well to so that you can cater your content directly to them.

Follow these tips and watch your followers do the promotional work for you. You’ll soon see a boost in ticket sales and a stronger social following. Good luck!


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