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Influencer Spotlight: Change Is Here

As a tribute to one of the greatest American civil rights leaders this country has ever seen, this week our post is dedicated to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In it we are going to highlight African American influencers who are making a difference on social media and in the entertainment industry.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an American actor, digital influencer, and WWE wrestling icon. In 2016, he became the highest-paid actor in the world earning a record-breaking 65 million dollars. His pay isn’t the only thing that’s seen a huge increase, his social media numbers have jumped up as well. On Instagram alone, he has amassed 75 million followers, many adding him in the last couple years. Dwayne has been giving back to his community for over a decade. In 2006 he created the Dwayne Johnson Foundation, which is dedicated to working with terminally ill and at-risk children.


Baratunde Thurton

A former producer for The Onion and current producer on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Baratunde Thurston is a new age African American political activist. He is a founder of the African American political blog Jack and Jill Politics, a self-proclaimed “black political blog” which has been very active the last year, giving its perspective on the election of Donald Trump. Jack and Jill Politics currently has about 6,000 active followers.

‪Just visited and performed at Soledad Prison in California w/ @santacruzbarriosunidos. So much beauty inside. Honored. Moved. Motivated.‬ . . @jnixla and I were invited by @mrmikedelarocha who insisted we would love the experience and be appreciated. He was right. It took a lot of flight delays and logistics to get there plus the prison equivalent of TSA where my "Pre" status meant nothing. But the men inside made it worthwhile. . . There's lots to share but for now I will just say that the level of honesty and self-awareness I encountered inside those walls is something we need far more of outside those walls. . . And for those looking to "do something" with their newfound political motivations, visit a prison. Share your talents or just your energy, love, and presence. It will go farther than you can imagine. . (Special thanks to Roberto Solis and Daniel "Nane" Alejandrez) . #prison #happyholidays #soledad #love #massincarceration #barriosunidos #blackandbrown #justice

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Janet Mock

Janet Mock is an American writer, TV Host, and a transgender rights activist. As LGBT rights move to the forefront of American consciousness her social following will only continue to grow as she represents a positive voice for LGBT individuals on social platforms. She channels many of the same characteristics of fighting for equal rights for all Americans like MLK did in the 1960’s.

Dhani Jones

Dhani Jones is a former football player who played for 11 seasons with various different teams in the NFL. However, retirement from football did not stop him from setting and achieving new goals. Since retiring from the NFL he has starred on two different shows “Dhani Tackles the Globe” & “Adventure Capitalists”, was a host for NBC during its Olympic coverage in 2016, and also has started a successful bowtie business.

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