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Why Trump Won: The Answer Lies in Social Data

Following the Election results, we took a look at the social data through our Insights platform and found some really compelling takeaways which answers some questions many Americas have…

#1 – Hillary had celebrity support while those most vocal on social for Trump’s campaign were a lot less well-known but also more geographically dispersed.


It’s hard to see that message with traditional polling surveys but the data lies in social…Trump supporters were loud and proud even if they were not celebrities.

Looking at their top two promotional hashtags (#imwithher & #makeamericagreatagain):

  • Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez & Justin Timberlake were some of the Top Contributors (based on follower count) to #imwithher. All of the Top 10 contributors had at least 14m followers and were concentrated in states such as California and New York.
  • Compare that to #makeamericagreatagain, where the average follower count fell within the 1m range and were spread across the U.S.. The Top contributor being fitness blogger, Michael Morelli with 1.3m followers.
#2 – Trump smoked Hillary on engagement on social
While they have similar follower counts on Instagram, Trump’s posts generated 20m more likes/comments, showing that regardless of his message people were engaged and spreading the message.
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