Simple, flexible pricing that scales with your needs.


  • Basic


    • 3 Trackers
    • Up to 750k Followers/Posts
    • All social platforms

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  • Silver


    • 5 Trackers
    • Up to 1.5m Followers/Posts
    • All social platforms

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  • Gold


    • 10 Trackers
    • Up to 4.5m Followers/Posts
    • All social platforms

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  • Platinum

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    • Custom
    • All social platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What data does Captiv8 provide?

    The data we provide varies between the type of Tracker you are using. Start a free demo to see the range of possibilities.

  • What value does Captiv8 provide that other free tools don't?

    There are a few free social analytics tools out there. These tools are either focused on metrics around a brand’s own account or only provide data for one social platform. We provide metrics such as:

    To go beyond your own account’s data:

    • Tracking other accounts than your own: with Account Trackers, or Multi-Account (Competition) Trackers.
    • Tracking hashtags: track use and potential impressions of a campaign hashtag. Measure your community at large, not only that of your existing followers.
    • Tracking venues: Get insights on specific locations such as an event, a shop, or touristic venue.

    To rank followers on your own account:

    • Rank your own followers’ by influence to surface your most popular ones.
    • Export a full list of your followers with their data.

    To track multiple social platforms:

    • See evolutions in your followers across all major social platforms.
  • Can I delete Trackers once I no longer need them?

    Yes, Trackers can be deleted to create new ones. However please note that for Silver and Gold Plans, you will be limited to 10 deletions per month, and that data on Trackers that have been deleted will no longer be retrievable.

  • I need to launch more than 5 Trackers. What should I do?

    Silver and Gold plans allow to have 5 Trackers running at the same time. To track more than 5, get in touch with our sales team for tailored plans at

  • I need to track an Instagram user or a hashtag with tons of followers or posts. Can Captiv8 handle that volume?

    Yes, our customers include brands with millions of followers or posts. The Platinum Plan is specifically designed to handle large volumes of data. If you are above the limit of 200k followers or posts, you should get in touch with our sales team at

  • What does your API give access to?

    Our Insights API lets you access the data available in our reports to plug into your own social analytics dashboard.