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Top Sponsored Content- January Edition

It’s officially 2020, which means a new year and decade of awesome branded content. Here are some of our favorite sponsored pieces of content that helped to kick off the year:

  1. The Bucket List Family for U.S. Virgin Islands

Kicking it right off, we have this post from the Bucket List Family. It’s not just the family’s adorable kids that made this branded video one of the best from the month. @thebucketlist family’s video is a fantastic log of family memories from this trip that’s both bright and exciting.

2. Chrissy Tiegan for Genesis USA

This hilarious ad was featured in the SuperBowl and captures the humor and spirit of Chrissy & John’s true-life relationship. With her sometimes ruthless humor, Chrissy Tiegan’s wit is constantly on display, including when she poked fun at Legend being recently named the sexiest man alive. With an engagement rate of 15.84%, this piece of branded content is one that all marketers should learn from; ads that are relevant to cultural events, show that brands are hip, edgy and up-to-date. The fact that the stars in this post were already likeable and light-hearted put the cherry on top of an already made-for-success ad.

3. Zach king for Disney Plus

King is.. well, the king of all things surreal when it comes to video and sleight of the hand. As a dad and almost-magician (at least in the eyes of those who watch his Instagram videos), King brings to life the different options that Disney Plus offers. In the video, which garnered an engagement rate of 4.14%, King brings to life the interactivity of Baby Yoda, and even gets splashed by waves from Moana. In it, he creates the perfect bridge between Disney entertainment and family viewing.

4. Trey Kennedy for Zicam

What every brand can learn from this piece of sponsored content is the power in giving creators the leeway to do what they do best: create authentic content. Kennedy is known for his hilarious “bro-trope” (The character trope of a basic bro complete with a gym obsession, backwards hat and sleeveless tanks). The partnership with the cold remedy brand gave whole new meaning to the bro’s common “siiiiiiick” saying. The video looks and feels like his native content, which makes viewers want to watch the entire piece. It’s quite common for fans and followers to tag friends in meme-type content, which is exactly what happened with Kennedy’s video. The comments section proved that the brand expanded their reach and achieved almost exclusively positive sentiment.

5. Jack Harries for Google’s Pixelbook Pro

In the day and age where seemingly everyone either has or wants to start a podcast, positioning the pixelbook pro as a vehicle for achieving this dream is genius. Harries’s video features high-quality, ever-changing shots of beautiful sceneries meshed with his day-to-day life as a climate change activist showing how the product helps bridge his routine with his goal of creating a podcast.

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