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National Parent’s Day: Our 5 favorite parents on social

With National Parents’ Day (July 28th) this past weekend, we wanted to share 5 of our favorite parent-influencer accounts. From posting inspiration to make it through the day to funny kid moments and everything in between, here are some of our favorite parents on social:

Illana Wiles @mommyshorts

What we love: Her authenticity. Her feed is not overly-orchestrated and balanced well between cute-kid posts, the mommy herself, native family shots, and funny tid-bits from her kids’ lives. She’s relatable– with captions that’ll make you laugh and think “same.”W

Aesthetic: colorful, natural 

Total reach: 354k

Audrey Madrey @mamadrey88

What we love: Her transparency with edits and helpful hints as seen in her IG story highlights. Her sponsored posts are indecipherable from her non-sponsored content, showing her authenticity and her ability to stay true to her own vision. 

Aesthetic: clean, airy, bright, cohesive

Total Reach: 92k

Simon Hooper @Father_of_daughters

What we love: Moms aren’t the only influencers! This fabulous father’s account posts all-to-relatable content that will make you laugh out loud. His love for his children emanates through his authentic, not-overly-posed photos which showcase the struggles of parenthood through funny faces, videos, and tips for parents in our technology-dependent world. 

Aesthetic: action shots, videos and hilarious selfies with kids

Total Reach: 1m

Austin McBroom & Catherine Paiz @officialacefamilyedits

What we love: The majority of this family’s following is on Youtube where they share everything from going into labor, relationship pranks, proposal videos and of course, a variety of light-hearted videos featuring their kids. The Instagram features more of their kids in natural settings, as if they just picked up a phone and recorded. From Youtube to Instagram, this family is sure to keep you entertained with a wide variety of content. 

Aesthetic: videos, pranks, challenges

Total Reach: 25.8m

Kristen Hensley & Jen Smedley @Momsohard

What we love: These two mom comedians share the most relatable content for moms on Instagram. After watching their new stand-up special on Amazon Prime or attending one of their live shows, you’ll feel like you just made two of your new best friends. Their hilarious content has sparked a #MomSoHard thread with 153k engagements. where others can post their relatable mom moments. 

Aesthetic: promotional, comedy

Total Reach: 1.7m

Want to learn more about finding a parent influencer for your campaign? Reach out to us at– we’ll find the perfect fit.

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