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The Business of Creative Concepts

creative process captiv8 influencer marketing

Creative content forms the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. Whether it’s to answer a question, solving a problem, or purely just to entertain, creative content should serve a purpose. Especially with social audiences consuming content faster than the speed of light.

When outlining an Influencer Marketing campaign, it’s important to determine exactly what goal you are ultimately trying to achieve. Creative concepts help  effectively communicate brand goals.

creative process captiv8 influencer marketing

The following are a few tips to keep in mind when constructing creative concepts for Influencer Marketing campaigns:

  1. Research! Collect all possible information by watching, listening, and learning what has  and has not yet been done. This is where Captiv8 comes in: Insights help brands search for Influencers, find posts with high engagement, rank popular hashtags, and so much more. Inspiration comes from everywhere, so cast a wide net and start letting the creative ideas flow.
  2. Make an Outline! Now time to turn that research into creative concepts. Write down any thought, “bad idea”, and ways to expand on popular existing creative executions! Usually providing 3 ideas that serve different purposes is the sweet spot, but when brainstorming, it’s best to unpack any and all creative ideas and then move forward with favorites later on.
  3. Step Away! Let your creative simmer with time to evaluate, rethink, or come up with  additional ideas. It’s helpful to experience by making content (take pictures on a walk, interact with friends using face lenses, make a boomerang). Also interact with the brand itself any way possible…on social or IRL!
  4. Rewrite, Get Feedback, Repeat. Take another pass with your own edits, ask a friend to read and give feedback, rinse and repeat. This is when a deadline comes in handy, because editing could arguably be a never-ending process. It’s also useful not take feedback personally. All the research, outlines, and field testing got you this far, so just stay the course and keep pushing forward.

Consider these steps the next time you are working on creative ideas, and comment if you find success or would like to share anything else that you would add to the above points. Captiv8 is ready to help you bring your brands’ creative ideas to life. Reach out to us here and let’s get started!

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