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8 Brilliant Influencer Driven Social Media Campaigns

Influencer Driven Social Media Campaigns


Brands are evolving. They are innovating their marketing campaigns and strategies. According to Adweek,  75% of brands  are turning to influencers driven advertising strategies. Influencers are a unique assets to many brands. They help leverage your brand’s awareness, build your audience, and improve your ROI. But, creating a successful campaign takes more time than you think.


It can be challenging to stay competitive. Not only do you need to partner with the right influencer, your campaign needs to generate buzz and relate to your audience. Successful campaigns focus on creating authentic feelings that leverage different emotions. These campaigns get an instant reaction and ultimate engagement. Here to help you out and spark those creative juices, check out these 8 brilliant influencer  driven campaigns.



Glossier’s social team shares the photos, replies to comments, and always thanks fans for being involved. Recently, the company introduced a referral program that allows their more influential followers to offer exclusive discounts and other incentives to their unique networks.



As opposed to plastering photos of cars, Mercedes-Benz took a different approach to market their models. In 2014, the luxury car company handed over creative reigns to social influencers, journalists, and team members to tell a story that shows their cars in organic real-life situations.

Along with access to their YouTube and Instagram accounts, influencers were given keys to a Benz. They drove the car around, took photos, and curate a story that features more than just the car and hashtag, #MBPhotoPass. The results of the campaign were massive. #MBPhotoPass generated over 173 million impressions, 2.3 million likes, $4 million worth of earned media, and 1,700 brand assets. Fans all over the world still hope that they can get their hands on a  #MBPhotoPass.



Towards the end of 2016, the popular shoe company shifted their social marketing efforts. Rather than partnering with photographers, Sperry decided to collaborate with fans and feature their content on their official Instagram page.


Sperry identified and contacted fans who were already sharing high-quality photos of their products. They invited these fans to develop visual content for their official Instagram page. With over 250,000 tags, Sperry user-generated content continues to show how real customers wear Sperry. To date, the company has worked with over 100 micro-influencers.


Boxed Water

American based company, Boxed Water sells water. But they do so using renewable resources. In the past year, Boxed Water released a new campaign called the ‘Retree Project’. With the support of the National Forest Foundation, lifestyle curators, and social influencers, Boxed Water was able to spread the word about their philanthropic campaign.

The company partnered with a number of influencers. Through the use of the hashtag, #Retree, influencers created content that highlighted Boxed Water’s products. For every Instagram photo posted using #Retree, Boxed Water agreed to plant two trees. Influencers not only asked their community members to support the initiative but to repost and share their posts as well. Not only did this tactic leverage Boxed Water’s image but it helped the environment too. To date, the company is halfway to their commitment of planting one million trees.

Acquired by Linkedin in April 2015, is an online learning resource.  To avoid being affected by ad blocker, decided to partner up with popular YouTubers such as The Fine Brothers, Rooster Teeth, and Jacksfilm to create sponsor content that increased their brand’s visibility.

These influencers were not only entertaining, their sponsor content fit seamlessly into their brand. For example, Jack Douglass of Jacksfilms constantly created sponsored video for’s campaign. Every weekday, he created videos for his #YIAI (Yesterday I asked You) series. He challenged his viewers to learn a new skill through and asked them to share their creations with him. Jack compiled the videos and featured some of the best submissions. Not only did Jack’s tactic increase web traffic, his videos in combination with other influencers reached a global audience of more than 46 million.



In the past few years, Adidas has made a strong comeback. To get ahead of their competitors, the company decided to launch an influencer-driven marketing campaign on Instagram. Focused on youth, Adidas partnered with Selena Gomez and several top influencers to further leverage their social media presence. The integration and move towards an influencer-driven social media marketing campaign significantly helped the company. Between January 2015 to January 2016, Adidas sales increased by 24.2% while Nike experienced a 9.1% drop in sales.


Loot Crate

A few years ago, Loot Crate, one of the most popular gaming lifestyle brands in the gaming community, decided to revamp their marketing efforts. They teamed up with several influencers to increase their monthly subscription boxes. In 2014, Loot Crate partnered with some of the most popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie. In his videos, PewDiePie reviewed the contents of a Loot Crate box and promoted a discount code for 10% off a Loot Crate subscription. What made this campaign truly unique and successful was that Loot Crate worked with influencers within their niche community. Which ultimately allowed them to directly connect with their target audience.



In 2016, Hallmark partnered with several family-friend Instagram influencers to promote their holiday 2016 collection of keepsake ornaments. Using the hashtag #KeepsakeIt, influencers offered their followers candid glimpses into their family holiday traditions. Evoking emotions, they shared personal, tender moments along with a link for their users to purchase their own keepsake ornament. While the campaign only lasted the holiday season, influencers boosted Hallmark’s brand awareness and increased sales.   


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