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3 Tips for Making an Awesome YouTube Intro

How do you put your signature swag on videos while still making sure your fans don’t get lost? We talked to some of our favorite YouTubers and crawled data across our platform to identify the KEY to making an awesome YouTube Intro…

#1 – Keep it Short
Might sound obvious, right? There’s a ton of amazing content out there, and while it’s a good thing, it also means there’s some steep competition to get your videos noticed. Once you grab the attention of the viewer (WOOHOO, you made it over the first hurdle), the last thing you want to do is lose them before you get to the good stuff. The fact that the most viewed videos are usually between 2- 4 minutes, it’s all about making relatable, engaging, unique content. So if you only have 2 minutes to work with, set aside 5-10 seconds max for your signature intro — that’s where we’ve seen the best performance. You want to use it to welcome back your fans and for new fans, introduce who you are.

iiSuperwomanii we salute you! You pulled off an awesome YouTube Intro in 5 seconds…#praise.


#2 – Skip the Templates, Make it Original
Be true to yourself. Show who you are. What makes YouTube so successful is access to personalities and authentic experiences. Your fans watch your videos because they love YOU. While it’s tempting to use a template, it’s worth the cost to really showcase who you are and what your channel stands for in your intro. Do you post makeup tutorials and product reviews? Make sure that style is incorporated, whether through the colors you choose or adding a tagline that quickly and succinctly explains what viewers will get out of watching your content.

FOUSEY’s smile and energy immediately tell you he’s all about making you laugh. How does this not make you want to keep watching? #PositiveVibes


#3 – There’s No Place Like Home
You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when the theme song to your favorite TV show comes on? It brings you back and you know exactly what’s coming next. That’s what you want your intro to do to your followers. After you create the perfect intro, slap that masterpiece on every video you publish. Don’t worry about it getting stale. Brand equity is an important part of retaining loyal followers, don’t let your fans forget about who you are and why they love you.

PEWDIEPIE never lets us down…every video, he welcomes us with the same unique, absurdly awesome rendition of his name. #YouDoYou


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