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6 Posts Taking a Dip Into #WorldNutellaDay

Today we celebrate the delicious spread that has made its way into the hearts of many. As a brand, it’s key to not only use social media to talk about your product but also connect with your fans in relatable ways…using trending celebrations like #WorldNutellaDay can be a good opportunity to do something fun. While the day is still young on the west coast, we used Captiv8 Insights to find which brands/accounts are already on top…


Not surprising, the maker behind the addicting treat already has over 14k likes & comments on it’s post paying homage to their favorite day.


 Mason Chill Out

This Vine creator’s RIP video is hilarious and sad all at the same time. With over 2.5M loops, I think it’s safe to say this unique approach to celebrating the day has people hooked. 



#FoodPorn is usually a good way to go when celebrating such a delicious product. The coffee mogul decided to localize this campaign by leveraging their UK account to publish the content. Smart move by the brand as our analysis showed that a significant amount of those engaging in the hashtag are based in EMEA.



Target partnered with Nutella to reward customers with a 20% discount offer when using their coupon service, Cartwheel, to purchase. While engagement on the tweet is not record breaking, over 20k people have already claimed the coupon. Leveraging holidays to reward your fans is a great idea and can be a successful way to drive conversions.


Food Network

FoodNetwork stood out by not going the obvious route (delicious food pic) but instead providing education around the product. Did you know it’s pronounced as ‘nut-ella’ not ‘new-tell-uh’? Not only did the content stand out but the question posed is a solid approach to driving traffic to their blog.



One word. DELICIOUS. 

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