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5 Snapchat Artists You Need to Follow

Snapchat can be used for so much more than scandalous messages, testing out the latest animated lenses and documenting your daily routine. Here is our list of the Top 5 Snapchat accounts that use the platform to make absolute masterpieces…from pop-culture references to turning random strangers into gallery-worthy images, these artists really take it to the next level. If you’re a marketer, you want to partner with them…as a snapchatter, you need to follow them.


Shaun McBride is famously known for being one of the first to make some serious dollars from his Snapchat success with marketing campaigns for big brands like Disney and Taco Bell. The Utah native explains it perfectly, “My snaps run the gamut from hilarious illustrations to carefully plotted scenarios to building an interactive adventure engaging with my snapchat fans. I love skateboarding, cereal, wiener dogs, highfives, and living life 100%.” Who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure with this guy?

Here is one of our favorite campaigns he did with Taco Bell, teasing the release of their new breakfast menu.



How do we describe Christine Mi’s work? Think what you learned in your art history class combined with pop culture. Beautifully crafted images with a ridiculously witty spin make her art unique and relatable.

One of our favorite campaigns was her partnership with UNICEF to launch #BringBackOurChildhood – her story of a young boy taking refuge in Chad and missing wildlife was the perfect way to tell the UNICEF story and showcase her talent.



Mike Platco is best known for turning your Snapchat stream into a real-life comic book. His ‘snapsterpieces’ transform him and his surroundings into characters from classic movies and your favorite superheroes.

He teamed up with GrubHub to promote their product in a cool and engaging way, creating a Snapchat story true to his passion but still tieing it to the brand. How do you combat a Monster in the fridge? Order GrubHub!



Geeohsnap takes his followers on a journey turning ordinary people and things into extraordinary stories. His signature ‘Random People’ drawings have gone viral and no doubt made him one of the top snapchatters to follow.

His post for Starbucks portrayed the Frappuccino in a really clever way, generating a ton of engagement on Snapchat and 3k likes/comments on Instagram.

geeohsnap starbucks



Dasha Battelle creates all her drawings with just her finger…no stylus! This talented artist is now on the in-house team at Mashable, tasked with taking visual storytelling to another level for the news outlet.



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